Would you like to work as a Professional Organiser?

Are you dreaming of the day you can work as a Professional Organiser? We are getting into an exciting stage of our business – expansion.

If you are passionate about organising, helping people, making a difference, learning, growing as a person and more, reach out to us

Why work as a Professional Organiser for the Essence of Clarity

We get regularly approached by people who want to work as an organiser or set up their own business. This is great, it is an amazing journey and something truly special to do as a profession.  

After a great many consultations with a variety of mentors, guides, lawyer and accountants we came up with the best way to support you as Professional Organiser wanting to grow in the profession; come work with us! 

Benefits of working as a Professional Organiser

  1. Work hours are flexible
  2. Work is interesting and varied
  3. You learn and grow both professional and personally

Benefits of working as a
Professional Organiser
the Essence of Clarity

We will provide full training and ongoing support (the owner has got over 10 years of teaching experience at University level and beyond).

  • We have and follow some great values 
  • We live our Mission

Our Mission is organised living

  • You will be able to get away from the 9-5
  • If you like you can write articles for the website
  • We have all insurances in place
  • All super and entitlements will be paid
  • You will get an above award wage
  • Work for an established brand
  • Work in a brand new, emerging and very exciting industry
  • We have several staff incentives which means you can earn above and beyond award rate
  • You will not have to do all the tedious, complicated, hard (excruciating challenging) business things – we have done this for you.
  • There is opportunity for growth in our company

Work as a Professional Organiser
Our Values

  • Congruence – we live by the practices we teach
  • Professionalism - in the way we act, dress and conduct ourselves
  • Flexibility – we see work holistically as an integrated part of live (9 – 5 is overrated)
  • There is a; Positive Contribution – to the clients and organisations we assist 
  • Continuous learning – we keep on learning and improving
  • Creativity – we look for unique tailored solutions for each client and in each new situation
  • We work hard, rest regularly and enjoy the fruits of being organised.

Current availability

At the moment, we are taking note of those interested in joining us later in the year. Initial locations will be Wollongong and Sydney (but we keep an open mind).

Please contact us for more information and a full application pack.


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