Wheelie bin Tidy

Cleaning the wheelie bin is far from the most exciting job in the world. Not that long ago mine had visitors; maggots. This meant, I had to look into; how to get a wheelie bin tidy.

Steps to cleaning the bin:

There are actually specific products available to get or keep your wheelie bin tidy. Starting with chemicals which will stop anything for growing or surviving in the wheelie bin. If it is really bad you will however need to get into the bin, remove the items (aka food for the insects) before you can use these products. 

Your best picking a nice day, get the hose out and start rinsing, removing the really gross gunk.

If things are living in it, you can leave the bin closed for several days (possibly putting some chemicals in). Once you reopen you at least don’t have to deal with alive creepy crawlies in the bin. 

Using the only hose will most likely not do the job, you will need to go for round number two with soap. This is also a good chance to use up old soap (you want to get rid of), so you declutter at the same time (using hot water is a good idea if this is an option).

After soap and water, you will need to use some elbow grease, I also like using the Rubba scrubber for the top of the bin and the Rubba broom or another rubber broom for the inside of the bin. 

You might need to rinse, clean and repeat a few times. Hopefully your bin is a lot cleaner now, in most cases however, there are still a few stubborn spots left. The last layer means crawling in (at least partly) with tissue papers or wet wipes. As I mentioned in other sections on the website I don’t clean really dirty things with reusable cloths so a wheelie bin tidy up and clean will be done with trow away rags or paper towels in my place.

You might need to rinse, clean and repeat a few times, once you have cleaned the bin and have gone through all these steps possibly several times (every time taking another layer of gunk out) it is time to let it dry.

Once dry I like using Bin Buddy, which is a product that prevents creeping crawlies from surviving or procreating in your bind and makes it smell nice(ish).

After this use a clean bin bag – you have specific large bin sizes to keep your wheelie bin tidy

These last two steps should be done every time your bin has been emptied. This will keep your wheelie bin tidy for longer and means you hopefully get away with only thoroughly cleaning the thing once or twice a year.

On the much brighter side 

 having the cleanest bin in the street is nice

(as is the shower after you’ve done this whole process).

Side note:

Another thing you could possibly look at is opting for a worm farm or another form of creating compost as most of the dirty stuff in the bin comes from disposed food items. This way you will do something good for the environment and save yourself a large unpleasant job. 


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