How to Declutter your wardrobe
Wardrobe Decluttering

We have all said it at one point in time: I need to do some “Wardrobe Decluttering”. 

But do you know the steps on How to Declutter your wardrobe? In the video on this page I am actually going to declutter my own wardrobe. Generally speaking my wardrobe is decluttered but with a lot of these things, organizing is a journey, and decluttering will need to be done regularly. 

Great times to do some wardrobe Decluttering

I find the best times to do some wardrobe decluttering is end of season for adults or at a time that I feel like I want to go and buy a few key pieces of new clothing. For children the best time for some wardrobe decluttering often coincides with the school holidays.

How do declutter your wardrobe? 
The process of wardrobe decluttering

1. Have a large clear space like the floor or a nicely made up bed to work on.

2. Get everything out of your wardrobe

Make sure that you still like the items, that they fit, that you still wear them and only put the things back in the wardrobe that you love (and preferably make this items that you will be wearing soon). 

3. Once you have decluttered the whole wardrobe! Look at the pile of stuff.

Did you found some interesting things that you didn't expect? I found a computer bag which I didn't remember having, a travel pouch which I really don't like and some ribbon. Seriously, ribbon in an organisers clothing closet? 

4. Ask yourself why am I disposing of these clothes?

Have you worn them to death? Are there items you loved and used but it's the end of their life?  Are there some things you haven't worn for a long time or things that don’t make you feel comfortable anymore? These are all valid reasons to dispose of clothing. 

Note: If there is any guilt with items that you have purchased and you realise that these were “wrong buys” I encourage you to simply acknowledge this. Make a mental note why they weren’t good purchases but then move on whilst you forgive yourself. I encourage you to move away from any feelings of guilt you might have (we have all made wrong purchases in the past). 

Once your feelings are acknowledged dispose of the item which is literally making space so you can make better, more informed decisions for future.

5. Check what is all going

In the video I am showing you all the items that are going, the items will be placed in two bags, one for the second-hand shop and one for the bin.  Having a good think at this stage can be very useful because I it raises awareness in terms of what am I throwing away, why do I want to throw or give it away? Answers to these questions, will help me with future purchases as I will know the brands that I like, pieces of clothing and brands that lasts and those that I tend to dispose of way too soon.

6. Final step; Check what is left

Before we wrap up, make sure you still have some clothes ;-) In the video I had a small pile of pyjama’s which I kept aside, as I do want to get rid of them but I don't have any replacement so you have to be a little bit mindful when you're decluttering that you still have clothes to wear.

In general, on the end of the wardrobe decluttering process, you check what is left in your wardrobe. In this case I have very few pieces left but all that is in there is comfortable and I like it. It also helps me see what I genuinely need to shop for (which will make my purchases, more focused, faster, more efficient and less costly). 

My aim is to start building a capsule wardrobe, I can now go the shops and will buy items that will really build up my wardrobe in this next stage of life.

I hope this was useful – good luck with your wardrobe decluttering!


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