The Essence of Clarity

The Essence of Clarity is an online Professional Organising business run by Sabine Straver, the aim is to help you  create, implement and complete any organising project in your life.

Our Mission is to become a realistic inspiration and source of encouragement in the field of Professional Organising.

We are based in Wollongong NSW - Australia but are aiming to inspire people to declutter and get more organised anywhere in the world.

Feel free to contact us with any queries.

Our Vision;
Inspiring, encouraging and educating the world on organised living.

We do this through our online offerings;

  • The YouTube channel
  • Social Media inspiration
  • the book "Organising unpacked"
  • email courses
  • one-on-one support online. 

What is the meaning behind the Logo?

We have helped a fair amount of small businesses and people working from home with their paperwork so we chose to use a desk as the symbol for our organisation. It is however not just a desk - it shows how the sun is rising in the background how the weight and heaviness that comes with feeling overwhelmed, stressed and disorganised is slowly lifted. It gives us hope that we can approach life in a new, more energetic and fresh way.

What is in a name?

The deeper meaning of the business name: The Essence of Clarity, is quite simple; the “essence” of having a clear home, a clear mind, is an ability to declutter and organise. This doesn’t come easy for most of us, however when you learn and work on being more organised and have less clutter in your life. Most people do find that they have gained more ‘clarity’.

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