The Essence of Clarity

The Essence of Clarity is a company of Professional Organisers which work with you to help you create, implement and complete any organising project you need help with.

Our Mission is to become a leader in the field of Professional Organising.

We are based in Wollongong NSW – Australia (also known as the Illawarra region). We do however also service Sydney and the Western Suburbs of Sydney and are starting to branch out via online services.

We are more than happy to come over to your part of the world and assist you, (travel time and cost will need to be taken into consideration).

Feel free to contact us with any queries.

Our Vision;
Inspiring, encouraging and educating the world on organised living.

We have two main client groupings; those who would like to get organised at home and those who want to get more organised in their careers.

Let's paint a picture for:

If you want to get organised at home

Imagine coming home to a warm, comfortable, clean and inviting house. A place to shelter, ground yourself, grow, learn and live in.

Our job is to help you get that place.

If you would like to get organised at work

Imagine going to work, being in a comfortable organised environment, having a plan for your day, knowing where your files are and how to find them. Most days you are breezing through your days with focus and clarity, slowly achieving milestones which link to your overall career goals.

Our job is to help you get the skills, systems and practices in place to lift your career to the next level.

The Essence of Clarity - Our Values

  • Congruence – we live by the practices we teach
  • Professionalism - in the way we act, dress and conduct ourselves
  • Flexibility – we see work holistically as an integrated part of live (9 – 5 is overrated)
  • There is a; Positive Contribution – to the clients and organisations we assist 
  • Continuous learning – we keep on learning and improving
  • Creativity – we look for unique tailored solutions for each client and in each new situation
  • We work hard, rest regularly and enjoy the fruits of being organised.

What are the services we provide?

  1. One-on-one help with the client at home focusing on areas which the client wants to be organised.
  2. Paperwork organising for individuals at home and at work 
  3. Implementation of organising systems for small to medium businesses.
  4. Off site support and advice via email
  5. we give workshops and give keynote speeches about organising

This is a list of spaces that are often organised:

  • Home offices
  • Children’s bedrooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Laundries
  • Garages

The list shown above is a guide to what we can do and what we often organise. Our general rule is, that if it needs organising we would love to be involved.

Every organising job and client is unique in their own right.

If you think you could use some help with organising please contact us!

How does the Essence of Clarity work?

When you contact us, we will:

  1. Touch base with you to get an understanding of your needs
  2. Suggest the best way we can assist you and the cost associated with this
  3. We pick a date with you to get to work and start organising
  4. We offer training and ongoing support

Each job is different so all of this will be done with your organising challenges, your needs and budget in mind.

What is the meaning behind the Logo?

We help a fair amount of small businesses and people working from home with their paperwork so we chose to use a desk as the symbol for our organisation. It is however not just a desk - it shows how the sun is rising in the background how the weight and heaviness that comes with feeling overwhelmed, stressed and disorganised is slowly lifted. It gives us hope that we can approach life in a new, more energetic and fresh way.

What is in a name?

The deeper meaning of the business name: The Essence of Clarity, is quite simple; the “essence” of having a clear home, a clear mind, is an ability to declutter and organise. This doesn’t come easy for most of us, however when you learn and work on being more organised and have less clutter in your life. Most people do find that they have gained more ‘clarity’.

Did you know we have a guarantee?

The Essence of Clarity is so confident about its work that we offer a money back guarantee! You will save your investment with us in time and money within the first 2 months or you get your money back.

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