How to stay organised when you are sick?

It happens to all of us. Life is going well, we are organised, things move smoothly and all of a sudden we are struck down by something unexpected. At the time of writing I am in my final days of the flu which systematically moved through my family. 

In the grand scheme of things this is absolutely minor, but I lost the weekend, Monday and Tuesday at work because of sick children. They recovered on Wednesday, by Wednesday afternoon I had to have a box of tissues very near by me at 2 min intervals. 

The rest of the week and the weekend that followed was spend resting up and letting its run it’s course. When I started feeling better my husband was in the midst of feeling sick and uncomfortable. All up around about 9 days out of my calendar which is significant in a full life. 

There are several positives from this experience however, one being that I got the perfect new page idea: How to stay organised when you are sick?

I came up with a few ideas that might help you when unexpected you or your family gets sick.

1.      Cancel all meetings and appointments

To me this is one of the hardest ones. I like keeping my promises and commitments but if you think about it from another angle no one is looking forward to spending time with, close to a snotty mess. For a lot of people, they are manly pre-occupied with not getting sick themselves (and this is fair enough). Plus, if you are generally organised when you are sick it will still be relatively easy to reach out, find your appointments and cancel the lot of them for the next couple of days.

2. Stay organised when you are sick -
Rest up

Resting up is another one that goes a bit against the grain. It goes along the lines of thinking; “if I am not hospitalised, I am good enough to do anything”. However, your body clearly needs a rest and the most organised thing you can do when you are sick is resting, looking after yourself.

3.     Deliberate self-care

Take this opportunity to get those lovely pyjama’s you wanted for a while. I quickly got a bathrobe and used it to snuggle up for days at home. Even though the weather wasn’t too cold I put the fireplace on, had lots of warm drinks, some really healthy meals and let it’s run its course.

4.      Get groceries

One key way to stay organised when you are sick is to get your groceries delivered. There is hardly any effort on your part, a few minutes on the computer. You can pick extra fruit, veggies and Vitamin C. Groceries can be delivered as quickly as the morning after you made your order. This way you can rest up and practise yourself care whilst working on getting better.

Another service that I subscribe to is Marley Spoon (I have in the past used Hello Fresh as well), this means no matter what happens during the week, whether I am busy, tired or sick I have healthy easy to cook meals in my fridge.

This week Marley Spoon really felt like a life saver, as the kids and I huddled around our healthy stews in pyjama’s with tissue boxes near. Even though this wasn’t planned our ideal, with a few systems in place to stay organised when you are sick, I found we actually had a really nice moment together.

5.     Do some of your outstanding “sh*tt# jobs” to stay organised when you are sick

I was just well enough to make some phone calls (between tissue runs), fill out some online forms all in the comfort of my home. And with enough rest breaks in between I got to do some of my outstanding “sh*tt# jobs” making me feel pretty productive and organised. This will also pay dividends when I am out there conquering the world again.

6.      Get help

If you are sick whether it is a minor flu or something that will take longer to recover. Get help, enlist friends and family, share the load. Use services to get your housecleaned, your food delivered etc. 

7.      Flu shot – anyone?

I am prone to get the flu, most often I get it once or twice during the winter months. Last year however, with my first ever flu shot (and a challenge to have cold showers each morning during winter) I didn’t get it. This year I’ll get the flu shot again (although the flu did get me before I got the shot). Yes, it isn’t 100% and some people don’t believe in having flu shots but if this can safe me and my family from feeling really bad for a week I find it worth considering. 

Over to you

I hope you got some useful ideas on how to stay organised when you are sick. The joy of organising is that you can do it anytime, anyplace anywhere. So, use these ideas to prepare for the event of getting sick or whilst you are in the midst of it and need to rest up.

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