Shower Caddy

A shower caddy can make a world of difference in your bathroom. It doesn’t need to be expensive or hard to get and it can change your bathtub or shower cubicle from clutter central to organized space in no time. 

There are a range of different types of shower caddies on the market ranging from the very expensive to the very cheap. You might need to experiment with a few before you find the fight one for you. In terms of price - in the bathroom, expensive baskets, don’t always mean they are the best. Some of the cheap shops have great solutions, in one shopping trip and for a few dollars, you can set yourself up to have a very organized bathroom.

I personally like the baskets with suction caps - you can find baskets like this in some of the bargain shops, a lot of their bathroom storage solutions, are very good, durable and cheap. 

We use them for our toothbrushes, my makeup remover (very close to the bathroom mirror) and for some of the soaps and scrubs I have. 

Hanging shower caddy

Another type that is often seen is the hanging bathroom caddy, these are a bit hit and miss. If it wobbles, I prefer to skip them, there is nothing worse than placing a bathroom item, like a shampoo back in your shower caddy only for it to move away from you every time you try and put an item back.

Currently I have one hanging caddy in my bathroom which did perform a small miracle in making the bath look clean, neat and organized, but it originally wobbled so I attached some additional suction pieces on the bottom to prevent it from moving – it has been working great ever since. (This is actually a tip I got from Alejandra – she is very clever with some of the ideas she has come up with and even has a video about this organizing solution here.)

Will they rust?

Some of the shower caddy’s do rust, hence I prefer to go for the see-through plastic were possible.

If your local shop only has wire ones they normally last for at least a year, after which you can simply update your caddy for shiny new ones and keep the suction caps as described above (they will always come in handy). However, if your caddy is wire but has a layer of protective paint on it, it can last you for years. 

If you haven’t done so already have a look at the Declutter and Organize the bathroom page or the page which will help you clean your bathroom

The bathroom is one of these spaces which after a bit of practice, some good decluttering, clever storage solutions and simple routines in place can be a space for renewal and relaxation.


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