The secret to organizing

Is there a secret to organizing?  Yes and no, it is unlikely that you wake up one morning and the magical declutter fairy has come by (but if that is your wish you can hire us ;-) we are as close to the declutter fairy as possible). The real secret to organizing according to me however, is in a holistic perspective on organizing. Meaning that you are consciously working on; your skill set, mindset and taking a lot of tips and tricks to heart.

Getting the secret to organizing

There is ample opportunity to get the secret on this website, I have put this document together in such a way that you can kick start your journey towards organized living.

A lot of people signed up for the PDF and I was wondering how I could add some more value – so here we are a few mini lessons on how the secret to organizing works and most importantly how you can get it to work for you in your life!

Action sheet room-by-room - Video 1

In this video we look at our house, the level of clutter in our spaces and our emotional connection to it. Because let’s be honest we all have some form of gut reaction to our surroundings am I right?

Watch the video here:

What is your approach? - video 2

There are different approaches we can take in terms of how we organize. This video shows a creative way of thinking about how you can organize best.

Watch the video here:

skill set and daily life - video 3

Like most things in life, we need to work on our skillset to become good at anything, organizing is no different. There is however, also a day-to-day life we are trying to juggle as we are getting organized taking this into consideration is important to.

Watch the video here:

Maintenance - video 4

The word maintenance has a bad wrap, car maintenance, house maintenance or bike maintenance (crinch), these things are clearly not that sexy or exciting than buying beautiful baskets for your organized space. They are however very important as this is the secret ingredient that will keep you organized in the long run.

Watch the video here:

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