Ready to organize and declutter?

Do you feel ready to organize and declutter?

In my business, one of the predetermining factors we have prior to working with someone is checking whether they are ready to organize and declutter. If they are not yet ready we cannot help them as well as when the internal work comes before the external change. 

I have touched on this “readiness to organize” a bit on the home page but this page belongs to the psychology of getting organized and goes into more depth.

Most of our clients when they ring us, they are ready to organize and declutter and they want to get started now (which we try to accommodate).

Are you ready to organize and declutter?

Here are some questions to ask yourself: 

Are you;

  • Willing to throw things out?
  • Willing to follow and action instructions, which will help you get more organized (this can range from purchasing additional furniture to changing behaviour which works against you being and remaining organized).
  • Willing and able to work on this as a project for the next couple of weeks (months in some cases, it is all depending how much time you have available and how quickly you work).
  • Accepting the “law” of space usefulness. This law states that the level of functionality of a space is correlated to the available space and the number of items that are in this space. If this confuses you don’t worry, we explain this concept below. In layman’s terms it means that if you have too many things and not enough storage the proportion of space and items is not balanced and you either need to get a bigger space (house or storage) and / or reduce your possessions (declutter).

If you answer yes to the above statements, we consider you ready to organize and declutter.

If you answer no to any of these questions don’t worry, you might be ready in a little while or might need some help. If you still want to organize be mindful that what tends to happen is that you can start to get organized but people somehow end up working in circular movements. If you find that when you try to organize you simply move items from one side of the house to the next or that you get very distracted in the process. That in general it is hard to establish a plan and continue to follow this, something might be blocking you this could be internal or external.

In some cases external help will be the catalyst you need in other cases giving life time and for you to create the mental space (internal belief) to get organized might be what is needed.

The law of space usefulness 

This principle works on the premise that if you have an empty space it is nice but not very useful, you will need to put stuff in it to make the space functional. You can and should do this till a certain point. Once you reach a point where you have the best space to items ratio (which could depend on the space and the person) it should stay here.

The problem is in this day and age, we tend to place too much stuff in too small a space which results in items becoming clutter. We end up losing the beneficial supporting space which enhances the tasks and things we need to complete and the items start to hinder both the space and us achieving our tasks. 

The graph above highlights this idea. With the green and yellow circles indicating optimal and maxim space to item ratios. 

In the red circle we starting to gain too much stuff and not enough space to place these items, we are starting to lose out on functionality, this will slowly get to a point in which our spaces, our minds and our hearts feel heavy. We need to declutter and organize to get back to the green and yellow circles where space and items are in a nice balance.

What can I do to get ready to organize and declutter?

A range of different things;

  • You can give it time, often clients are ready when a big live event has happened (they started or stopped work, gotten divorced, lost a loved one or just saw “the light” and now it is time).
  • Read up about organizing
  • Think about what you would like to organize
  • Ask yourself why do you want to be organized?

Visit this page again in a month from now and see how you have evolved (if you want to be very organized you can put a reminder in your calendar to come back here in a month ;-)


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