The psychology of getting organized

When creating this website and through my other writings I often come across ideas, suggestions and ways of thinking about decluttering and our possessions which fall under the broader category of the psychology of getting organized. 

Most of us who have done some organizing and decluttering in our time and have most likely realized, that there is a lot of psychology involved when you try to organize and declutter.

My definition of the psychology of getting organized would be as follows; 

going through an internal process prior to being able to change our physical spaces.

This applies both when we cull our belongings and when we organize the items we want to keep.

To illustrate this, as soon as we pick up items to declutter and organize, we are confronted with our believe systems. If we listen carefully we can hear our thinking, if we pay even more attentions we can feel our emotions all whilst we declutter and organize. Lastly we also have our unique selves to deal with, we all have our quirks, the things we do, just because. 

The above makes up our internal dialog, this dialog can help or hinder whether and to which extend we are getting organized. But this area is invisible; it is the tricky space that often simply gets ignored (as it is too hard). 

Our believes, thinking and unique selves, all contribute to how and whether we are (or feel) organized.

Which topic does the psychology of getting organized cover? 

The psychology of getting organized covers our emotions, our relationships, our determination to succeed in getting organized, the routines and habits we have in place, a sense of being ready to undertake this journey, as well as a look at what is happening in our life now.

Our external live circumstance and internal beliefs will feed straight back to whether we are able to declutter and organize at this point in time and how high the chances of success are.

Internal and external parts of your life combined contribute to how easy it is to get organized

Both processes impact if and how organized we can and want to become. I tend to mention in my talks and through some of my writing, that what needs organizing can be very different for different people depending on their stage of live and their external circumstances like jobs, family members, the size of their house etc.

In some of my more deeper writing about organizing I state that there is always a combination of our internal world (psychological) our day-to-day life (and how to organize your unique life) as well as our skill set. 

Most of the pages on this website will help you get the skills to become more organized. As this is what most people want to know, you arrive on a site like this because you want to learn how to; declutter, organize your bedroom, clean your bathroom or organize a kitchen

If, however, you want to dig a bit deeper or you are finding you get blocked at different points in the process, I suggest you read and think a bit more about the psychology of getting organized. There are a lot of processes happening underneath the surface of any organized person, well running business and / or family.

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