Organizing the desktop

Organizing the desktop is relatively straight forward I think. Especially if you have read and worked on other aspects related to your paperwork and digital files, you would have done most of the complex thinking about the information in your life. 

As a general rule, I would not save any files on the desk top as it clutters this space and isn’t reliable because as soon as your computer goes, you will have lost your data. Save it in your main computer files and back these up. Personally, I love cloud back up which kind of highlights my generation, but if you don’t like this idea you can always back up on an external hard drive. 

The main purpose of organizing the desktop for me is to keep it clean, clear and only for those files / file folders, I want easy access to or use very often.

For example, say I have organized all my photos until the most current year. I would then simply have a short cut to the photos folder for this current year as my new photos are added and I only need quick access to this year’s photos. If I need a snap from the kids when they were smaller I simply go through my folder structure and find baby photos in for example the year they were born.

Organizing the desk top can be summarized as follows:

  • Only short cuts – no actual programs on your desk top
  • Only current frequently used folders as short cuts on your screen

Keep it as clean as possibly – I don’t know about you but there is more than enough to distract me when working on the computer a cluttered desktop is not something I need on top of the regular bombardment.

Talking about organizing the desktop

Have you considered going dual screen? If you are a serious office worker and spend several hours a week behind the computer, try this? My techy friend started this years ago and it took me a year and several convincing discussions, to get me to try it, but once you started using dual screen you won’t go back. It means you have two desktops and twice the electronic space to work on or compare different documents on. I set my screens up so they are an extension of each other, with my laptop being able to unplug at a minute notice. 

For example, in my writing, my photos and main ideas are on the side screen; the main writing screen is straight ahead. Or when I am doing my finances; my bank account can be open on the one screen whilst I import and adjust the finances on my main screen in the budget. 


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