Organizing Spaces

Of all the topics related to organizing. Organizing spaces is one of the most straight forward topics. As I only need to give you some instructions on for example; how you can organize a drawer. Even though there likely are a number of ways to organize the drawer, you will find one tangible way and can compare it to another tangible way. 

There are however some basic principles for anything we would like to organize; we need a space either in our physical world, our electronic world and/or we need time (which falls more under organizing life). On this page on organizing spaces I want to cover two main areas; physical spaces and conceptual spaces. It is a collection of a lot of the “how to” articles which are and continue to be written on the subject of organizing and decluttering spaces.

Information on Organizing Spaces

YouTube videos on organizing; cupboards, wardrobes, paperwork etc. are there galore. These are great and needed but by organizing a space, you will make an impact on a large number of other invisible areas like the internal factors that are part of you and you will increase your skill level to find a solution for a problem (skills and knowledge).

Two areas to organize

Notably since the advent of computers, we have two different types of spaces; the physical and the conceptual space.

This comes to light when working on paperwork if it is in a paper format we need to physically find a spot. If it is in a soft copy we need to find a conceptual spot as really the only way to find a document on the computer is through our thinking (we are back tracking to what was a logical spot to leave (save) this information). 

With the advent of the internet and a large proportion of our lives being electronic now we need to develop two different skill sets in terms of organizing spaces one for the physical spaces and one for the conceptual spaces. Where possible we should see if these could overlap to make for example the finding of a document or a picture just as easy on the computer as it is in your house or office.

How to Organize – Physical Spaces

There are a number of pages written on organizing Physical Spaces

General Organizing ideas:

Areas to organize:

How to organize things like:

How to Organize – Conceptual spaces

Conceptual spaces are things you can organize but cannot really see for example the way you file your computer files or Digital Photos. You first need to have a clear concept of what you are trying to do and why before you can set up a good organizing system for digital items.

Web pages written on conceptual spaces are:

I love spending time on writing, thinking and working on this area within organizing and decluttering. Please refer back to this page regularly as more and more topics will be added overtime.

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