Organize in 3 simple steps

Is it possible to organize in 3 simple steps? If you have read other articles on this website, you will know that I don’t really believe in the whole concept of “simply organizing” as organizing and decluttering are complex areas which touch on a whole range of factors not least of them our emotions and our otherwise rational behavior.

I am however also human and know we all have times in which live seems to get (or truly is) out of control. We get up, work, feel exhausted when we get back, sleep and repeat the cycle. How are you meant to remain organized in these circumstances?

If I had to pick 3 simple steps to get organized I would pick the following ones in this order;

  1. Food
  2. Laundry
  3. Money

Organize in 3 simple steps – 1 Food

Without food we will perish very quickly, the better and healthier you can feed yourself the better you will feel also in crazy busy times. Possibly get some healthy take-away, rely on fresh salads and soup if you have to. The last two options won’t break the bank and can keep you going for a week or so. Have a look at the meal planning page to get some more ideas.

Organize in 3 simple steps – 2 Laundry

My next priority would be Laundry, especially if you don’t live by yourself, laundry piles up quicker than you can wash it. If nothing else try your hardest to stick to one load a day, wash, dry, fold it and put it away. When some of the dust settles you won’t have 3 days’ worth of laundry to do, not to mention you won’t run out of clean clothes as you are running around doing the things you need to do.

Organize in 3 simple steps – 3 Money

I am an organizing nerd and am quite aware of this, but keeping a handle on your expenses is so important. You don’t want to finish a busy time looking at your back account realizing it was for nothing (or at least no monetary reward). I also find the busier I get, the more I spend (childcare, take away food, more coffee and lunches out, the list goes on).

What if even organizing in 3 simple steps feels too much?

You might think I am so busy or unorganized even this will be a stretch, the beauty of this list is that even if you don’t get much of this done you will touch on some of the core things that help with basic organizing. It can also be your list to come back to when the dust settles. I find that I become more relaxed after a busy time when I eat well, I do the laundry and check what my finances are like. After this I could go on to other areas but this is my core list when times are though.

This is my core list when times are though

I hope that this page has given you more than an answer on how to organize in 3 simple steps. I hope it has given you food for thought and a couple of tricks to use when you can. To get some more steps on basic organizing, check out our 7 steps to organizing page or wonder through this website.


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