Organized in your snow holiday

How do you get yourself and your family organized in your snow holiday? When you are actually there on the slopes, learning, falling and skiing or boarding around?  This June we started our massive snow holiday (do remember I am based in Australia – June is the start of Winter for us). I learned how to ski, we got the kids into skiing and snowboarding lessons and naturally I spent a significant amount of time working out how to Organize this really well.

This is what I found so far…..

Organized in your snow holiday – Your clothes

You need warm, good quality clothes. The easiest way I found is work your way from bottom to the top. Starting with ski socks, thermal undies, a snow pants, thermal shirt, (potentially a sports bra), winter jacket, neck warmer or scarf, beanie and gloves. You don’t need multiples of each you just need good quality in all the things you wear.

The clothes you wear  when you are organized in your snow holiday vary.

If the weather is good at the snow it can be very sunny and bright, this means you will need to alternate between your standard sunglasses and your ski-googles. Alternation is also at the order of the day in regard to; your head. If you are simply walking around a beanie will do, if you are skiing or boarding you will require your helmet, both (beanie or helmet) will keep you nice and warm. Lastly you will probably have standard shoes which you can use for walking on the snow (boots with a good grip will do the job) and when you are not wearing these, you will be in your ski boots or snowboard shoes.

How to keep tabs of all your bits and pieces?

Organizing for your snow holiday isn’t hard, once you set up your system that is. You will find you have a multitude of pockets and zippers – this is great because they will help you be more organized. I recommend finding a spot for your cards (bank card and your life pass), have some cash on you, a place for water (you can get pretty thirsty when exercising). Store your beanie in one of your pockets and take some sunscreen / lip balm with you as this helps keep you comfy. Keep all your items in the same spot after two days on the snow you can do a quick body scan to see if you have all your items.

Carabiners’ are very useful when you want to be organized in your snow holiday.

These come in so handy when you want to keep all your gear on you. All four of us had at least one carabiner, the adults had mostly two or three on their outer jacket. It is great to keep your gloves attached to your body when you are taking them off for a minute. Your keys can be nice and secure with a carabiner and they can help you with your zippers.

On one of our trips we shot a quick video talking about how to organized in your snow holiday – have a look.

Organized in your snow holiday - Bags and straps

If you are a skier having a bag for your ski boots and straps for your ski’s is really handy. I also recommend take few bags but really big and robust bags. You are carrying a lot of gear no matter what you do when you are in the snow, allow for a bit of space and don’t use your nice ‘city suit case’ to get damaged in this more ‘rough and tumble’ style of travel.

If you haven’t gone to the snow (recently or ever) I encourage you to put it on your bucket list. It is a great experience for young and old.

Now you can even be organized whilst you’re going to the snow as well. 


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