Organize a messy bedroom

Learning how to organize a messy bedroom is a bit trickier than just organizing your standard bedroom. And rather than looking at the problem, I suggest you think about what is causing a bedroom or multiple bedrooms in your house to be messy. I find in almost all cases were there is a messy bedroom there are multiple issues at play. 

Most issues are linked together as well and include: 

  • Too much clutter 
  • No or little organization 
  • Storage issues

In most cases, there can be a combination of all three issues.

Let’s have a look at each these bedroom issues separate, this will then make it easier for you to organize your messy bedroom.

Organize a messy bedroom - Declutter

If you have a room with too many items like clothes, hobbies or just unidentified clutter. Your best bet is to learn about decluttering and moving your way through the room. I have written extensively about decluttering and how to go about this, you can start reading up on how to Declutter here.

Organize a messy bedroom - Find homes 

Some people have shoes, books, paperwork, hangers, receipts and the like in their bedrooms, often even in their bed. If this is the case for you, it is probably an indication that these items are “homeless”, meaning you need to find a home for each grouping of items – this is one of the main principles of organizing as explained here

Keep in mind that when you start to organize your messy bedroom, your systems, don’t have to be great straight away. For starters, could begin with getting a box to place your lose paperwork in, you can collect your books and place them in the living room or on a very neat pile (preferably outside your bedroom) all of this will help organize your bedroom.

As a general rule, when you organize a messy bedroom, I suggest you take everything which doesn’t need to be in this room out and find homes for these items elsewhere.

Organize a messy bedroom - Bedroom furniture

One of the reasons why you have a messy bedroom could be, because there is inadequate furniture or storage solutions in this room. 

Where possible I would always opt for matching bedside tables with at least one drawer and little to no open space in them (as it looks messy and gathers dust). 

Having bedside tables, means that the little miscellaneous things you might want to keep next to your bed are still organized and keeps them out of sight whilst making the whole room appear much neater and clearer. 

If you have a lot of clothes, make sure you get sufficient furniture in place to organize and store your clothing. As mentioned on the how to organize your clothes page, you can be creative about this and add extra storage in your wardrobes or create additional wardrobe space where there was none.

Organize a messy bedroom - Extra storage

Even with your main furniture; your bed, you can still be very clever in terms of storage in your bedroom. I highly recommend using some form of under-bed-storage. This can be drawers or storage containers. If space allows you can place larger items there and cover the side of the bed with a nice bed valance.

Some would argue that this might disturb some of the energy flows in the bedroom. I think if space is limited, if you make sure your stored items are neat and tidy and you dust under your bed regularly, this is a very practical solution.

Organize a messy bedroom - Summary

If you are new to organizing, organizing your bedroom is a great place to start, even if this is a messy bedroom. Start by decluttering any items that don’t server this rooms purpose. 

Clean and clear the surfaces, above, next to, around and under your bed. This in it-self, will make you sleep much better. 

Lastly utilize under bed storage solutions, organize your wardrobe, use hooks and night stands simply organize the few items that will remain in your bedroom and enjoy the rest and relaxation which will follow.


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