Organize Life

How do you organize Life?

To organize life, is to open up a very big topic of discussion. It is also a tricky question to answer as life is something which is inherently messy, chaotic and largely driven by factors outside of ourselves.

Being organized in life, could also mean different things to different people. We could for example look at our skill set in terms of organizing. How we feel about our living spaces or what external influences we have in our live which will all impact on our ability to organize.

Added to this is that we are all so different, we live very different lives, have different standards and all of this has a big impact on how, why, where and when you organize your life and the spaces you live and work in.  

Organize life - at different stages

One thing to keep in mind is that our organizing needs and wants change throughout the different stages of our lives.

If for example; I am a married working woman in my 50’s I would have different challenges organizationally, than the ones I have as a single parent to two young children. Furthermore, the ages of my children will greatly impact how and what I organize.

Live is always evolving so organizing needs to evolve with this.

In some cases organizing something this year might hold you in good stead for years to come, it might also become completely irrelevant three years from now. The fact that I might be a star at organizing baby clothes won’t help me organize the multitude of school notes, homework assignments and have the correct uniforms ready for school when my children reach primary school. Nor will it help when a teenager needs support through their final years of high school or with their first years at University whilst working in paid employment.

Organize life - when you share life with others

Other factors that need to be considered are;

how many people are part of your home life, what are their perception and attitudes? It all plays a role in how and if you can get organized.

Each person’s behavior has an impact on the state of the house, everyone else in the house and the ability for all to live an organised life in line with their values and talents.

Organizing even touches the relationships we have. It could even be a vehicle through which we show love and respect to one another. Don’t get me started on family members that walk into the house and dump whatever they carried with them as they entered the premise. 

Will I ever be 100% organized?

I doubt it, this is akin to asking if you will always be happy - we hope we will, but it is probably not realistic on a 24 / 7 basis.

Having said this, there might be a number of wonderful moments made possible by organizing your life more, you might find the more organized your life is, the more wonderful moments you have. Organizing shouldn’t be the end goal I believe, it should be a tool which supports you to live a fuller, richer and more successful life in whichever area you want to focus your time and energy.

What topics fall under an Organized Life?

Under the heading of organize life we can look at our skills in which case I encourage you to look at the Declutter, Clean and Organize section of this website. You can also look at different areas of the house. More internally are schedules, our paperwork, time management, our budget, routines and habits as well as our believe systems. 

Here are a number of topics that might help if you want to organize life:

Be sure to come back to this page regularly as I will add more topics as time goes on.

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