Organize arts and craft spaces

How do you organize arts and craft spaces? Organizing arts and craft items is one of those very hard things to organize for most people. There is after all a never ending array of things you can use for art and buying new things is a big temptation. Not to mention that if you have kids they seem to get more pencils in a month, than they will need for the coming year.

The steps on:
How to organize arts and craft spaces

• Take all arts and craft items out
• Bring all scattered items together
• Declutter the arts and craft spaces as you go through them
• Categorize like items together
• Analyse storage solutions
• Label boxes and storage solutions

Maybe you can ask yourself, what can I do to enjoy my next art session even more?

Firstly we will start with a very messy art section. If you have a multitude of places where you keep your crafts, this is a good time to bring everything together.

Organize arts and craft spaces -
Take everything out 

Depending on the volume of your creative items, I would either take everything out if you have some time an afternoon. If you have lots of arts and craft items, I would however go very slowly and focus on say one drawer or shelve at a time.

As you are taking items out make sure to declutter art supplies that you no longer need, want or those that are really ready for the bin (dried up glue, paint, dusty items etc…..)

Organize arts and craft spaces -
The next step; Categorize

When you have removed all items from you arts and craft space you can start to categorize items into ‘like’ piles. This gives you a clear overview of how much you have of each item.

Categories could be;
• all the glues together
• all the colouring in books together
• all the markers in 1 box
• all pencils in another box

As is often the case with organizing, the categories need to make sense to you.

Once every item of your arts and craft space has a category, you can start to analyse if you have the best storage solutions. Maybe swapping around some items will work better. Maybe you need some more baskets or file holders. Really take the time to think about, how things can be best stored for your needs.  For example at my place we had arts separated on person as my daughter and son great different forms of art.

In the case of this picture we needed to keep the pencils and markers separate. We created a special box for the toilet rolls as they are for 3D work and we created a special box so all the glues could be together. As this was a kids craft area we got all the ‘like’ books in categories, which meant we ended up with; a sticker file, a learning file, a colouring in file and a file box for art Diaries.

Organize the arts and craft spaces -

As this is a creative area, we decided not to go with the standard formal labels from a label maker. Instead of that, we used sticky notes and some painting tape to stick the labels on the box.  

I think for clarities sake keep all your craft items in the one place unless you have a very specific reason to keep art supplies on two different spots. Make sure that it is very clear and logical in your mind where and why you have placed items in those spots.

When you organize your arts and craft spaces in stages

If you need to do the arts and craft section in stages. I suggest you categorise and have a place where you stack your categories of arts supplies for the time being (as it is a work in progress). You can then pretty much start where you left off. Just make sure to still declutter as you are going through your areas and make sure you decide when you are continuing this project. There is no point in starting to organize the arts and crafts space and leaving it as a work in progress for the next couple of months. You do want to have a clear start and end time in mind.

Good luck with this organizing project – the next time you are creative, it will be so much more fun as everything will be at your fingertips.


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