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Being organised in quiet times

How to be organised in quiet times is our topic of our first organizing chat! 

In my professional life it’s either being feast or famine for many, many years now. So it's either super busy or it just all of a sudden stops and you just look around and you go, “Hmmm.. What am I going to do now?” And it's interesting because when things speed up, it goes gradually faster. But when a project is complete, then often you find that it's done and things come to a complete halt all of a sudden. 

So over time I've collected a few tips to when you're are at a point in life where you just finished a project and you go, “Oh! This is amazing! And now what?” These few things will help you hopefully get organized or feel more organized in this beautiful time in between busy times and massive projects / deadlines. There is an art to being organised in quiet times and I will help you uncover this with a few helpful hints and tips.

How to be organised in quiet times – rest up

My first tip is basically sleep! You deserve to rest and it is important to make sure that you're all rested up. If you don't sleep maybe watch movies, binch watch a good series. Maybe do some exercise, read a book or simply be a lazy for a change. It is important to use this time to celebrate. Make this time a little ritual in which you can look after yourself in a very nurturing way. 

Revisit your long-term goals

In several blogs and in books I have mentioned that I work in twelve-week cycles in line with the 12 week year by Moran (2013) and I use some of the principles of the Now habit (Fiore 2011) (Moran 2013). I look at three months at a time and ask myself what do I want to achieve in those three months? 

This doesn’t mean things will go perfect when I plan things out; sometimes in the beginning of those three months I am really busy and I fall a little bit behind monitoring them. Sometimes I find it hard to start and other times I need to change a goal because I am not ready or things have shifted in the last 4-6 weeks. However it is so much better than not having a plan as I am intentional about my goals and about adjusting them if need be.

So when it's quiet again this provides an opportunity to get organised in quiet times and to look at my long-term goals. To stop and ask myself “Okay, where am I? What am I achieving? What should I keep on focusing on to make sure that we're progressing?” It doesn't mean I have to be very rushed straight away, I want to enjoy this quiet time. It does mean that I make sure, I keep the momentum going for my long-term goals. 

- organised in quiet times - 

It's a beautiful time to pause and reflect. 

How to be organised in quiet times - think about what annoyed you

Another good one is my tip number three: What annoyed me when I was busy? So at the moment of taping this video, I am on the downhill slope of a really busy time and what really annoyed me for the last couple of weeks is the garage. I wouldn't say it's a disaster zone, because we've got some foundational organizing things in there. But it's just messy, we haven't put a broom through it. We have to tidy things up, put items away, clear a few benches and just make sure that it feels nice and organized. 

So now I'm in a quiet time again and I want to be organised in quiet times so I am going to put that  thing that annoyed me as my task over the next say 2 weeks. It doesn't have to be that long as you want to be careful to not throw yourself straight away in another busy time. But it will simply be my task (or goal) for the next little while to do 15 minutes here, 30 minutes there. On the weekend I can spend a little bit longer on that. What this means is that the next time I'm busy, I won't get annoyed by the garage because I have decluttered, organized and maintained it. 

In my next busy time I'll probably find something else that annoys me but that is the key. You go through these cycles and every time you have some quiet time you fix up some of your longer term organizing projects. It means you can keep on using this system and your house will get more organized and less decluttered every time you come out of a cycle of lots of activity and you can ease yourself in a slower pace. 

After a while, you’ll do this almost automatic - then you have mastered one of the secrets of “How to be organised in quiet times” (and life in general). 

Tip 4: What is a project that you can make a tiny start on?

Earlier I recommended you look at your long-term goals. Have you started on them? Could you start on them? Maybe you could you do some really simple things to set it up? For example, if it's a computer project, can you set up a folder? Can you start looking at some references or information about that topic that you're going to research? What you are doing is you are creating tiny little bits of momentum that will help you hopefully when things become busy because you don't have to use all that energy to get moving. 

And even though it's a very small thing that you'll be doing, it's hopefully really, useful. At least that's what I find when it's busy again I go, I sign in relieve “Ah! Luckily I've done this when it was slow because now I can really go full speed on a project. 

How to be organised in quite times - Celebrate all your achievements

I spoke with several tips about looking forward but also encourage you to look back. What have you achieved? What have you learned? What are some amazing lessons from this really busy period?  Sometimes in life we just have to keep on moving, moving to get the stuff done. But when we have this beautiful lull in activities pause and reflect, what are the things I didn't know before I started the last project that I do know now and what can I do with this?  Either at work or at home or in the future projects. 

Pause and reflect, what are the things I didn't know before I started the last project that I do know now and what can I do with this?  

Also, really celebrate that feeling of achieving some mile stones, you know “I've climbed (a metaphorical mountain”. I'm really going to enjoy the view for a little bit. And just, I guess feel at peace – enjoy that at this point in time everything is at peace with the world. 

I think we don’t pause and reflect enough or celebrate the wins we have - it's an entitlement. It's a feeling that you can really enjoy, because you've worked hard for it. 

It’s a wrap

I hope these few tips helped you to be more organised in quiet times. I will definitely create some more resources like videos and blogs of “What to do when you're busy” and how to use shortcuts in those periods of life. But we'll just go with the ebb and flow of life. So hopefully this was really useful for you. If you have other tips that you can do in the quiet times after a very busy period in which you finished up some of your projects, let me know. And you've got any other suggestions in terms of organizing tips, let me know as well! See you soon! Bye!


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