How to have an organised weekend

It’s that time again! Weekend is rolling around but how do you create an organised weekend? I mean I love weekends. It gives me extra time to relax, to unwind, no schedules just several hours to fret away time…..wait hold on - that is not the plan. 

It sounds counter intuitive but organising your weekend can make you enjoy your time more, relax more and feel like you have achieved something significant. 

The key to have an organised weekend; Find out what your needs are

My first question for my weekends is normally; what do I need? Do I need to relax, do I need to push through some work so I feel a lot better during the week? Do I need to spend and enjoy some beautiful time with my children? How much sleep do I need?

What are your values?

Values are important because they make our life worth living it is a worthwhile exercise to spend time reflecting on your values and the activities that are linked to them. Once you know your values you can make sure that your organised weekend has activities in them that hit your values.

Some of my values are:

  • Financial stability
  • Physical health
  • Time to reflect (read silence)
  • Clean house
  • Rest and relaxation
  • Spending quality meaningful time with my children
  • Learning

I try to do as many things I value during the week, but during the weekend I can set up deliberate times to fill up some buckets which might run low during the busyness of a working week. So to me an organised weekend is a weekend that hits most, if not all, of my values through the activities I do (and seeing I value physical health, rest and relaxation I could be sleeping or getting a massage whilst hitting my organised weekend goals).

Assess your situation

I have three different types of weekends:

  • Family weekends
  • Couple weekends 
  • Alone weekends

All three of them are magic in their own right, I find that if I organise my weekends ahead even a tiny bit, not matter what type of weekend I have, my weekends become so much more meaningful and I get so much more out of them.

Put it all together and create a plan based on needs, values and your situation

Once you know the parameters of your needs, wants and situation, you can set up a plan blending them all together to create your perfect organised weekend.

For me organising my weekend starts with when do I want to wake up? This can range to my normal 5 am or not setting the alarm as I really need the physical down time. 

As I am also very keen on getting my exercise in (which I find easiest to do in the morning) this then clearly impacts the time I wake up as well. 

One of my other needs is silence and reflection, this is easier done when no one is awake yet. Luckily for me, everyone in my family loves a good lie-in so this gives me time. I could wake up at 7 am and still have 2 hours of quiet time.

In summary the secret ingredient to and organised weekend is:
cover your needs

In short, I mainly organise my weekends to make sure my needs are met before demands are placed on me. On some of our family weekends we might want to go out early in which case I will discuss with the kids that we will do xyz (mostly an activity of their liking) and then after 4 pm we have our “Zen time” (our families word for everyone has some relaxing time for themselves.

Going over my budget and financial situation is a ritual for me I do it at least every weekend to be aware of how we are travelling financially, (but I have to say, it is more fun on pay week). Paying bills with money I set aside makes me feel empowered, in control and like my hard work is paying off. 

Spending quality time with my children, friends and family, most weekends means there is at least one or two social events or outings most weekends. I however, don’t like to rush from one thing to the next so I go slow picking one or two things maximum for our organised weekends. 

I hope this article has inspired you to organise your weekend in a way that suits you.

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How to have an organised weekend.

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