To Organise or Organize
That is the question!

Whether your spell organise with an s or a z - the actual process is pretty much the same. You might see several links on this website that explain my predicament. I am a professional Organiser based in Wollongong, NSW – Australia (close to Sydney). This website however, is only a small percentage about my company and will eventually be 90% resources for people wanting to get in charge of their possessions and their life, by way of organizing and decluttering.

When you see me use different spellings this is not because:
• I cannot spell
• I am confused
(Although both might apply from time to time ;-)
It is mainly intentionally spelled a certain way to reach more people and to provide a service for a larger audience. As the aim of this website is; helping people anywhere in the world, to get more organized which is all possible via the wonders of the web.


In Australia it is still a grass roots profession and concept. However in the U.S. Organizers are well known and well-loved as professionals that help with the challenges and demands of today's society. As the concept and profession is more well-known with a z; ‘organizing’ is the better option for a website.

Somethings you might be wondering:

What is it that you do?

Please refer back to our page on Professional Organizers that has the run down on what we do. In short; we make your life easier and more enjoyable through working with your surroundings, habits and routines.

This website

The aim of this website is to build an encyclopaedia of information on organisation for individuals on a range of different topics and areas in your living and workspaces. New pages will be created very regularly so please visit this site often, see what new resources tips and tricks we have put together for you.

As always we are happy to help and hear your feedback, so do not hesitate to contact us.

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