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This is the third article that appeared in my weekly column Taking Charge for the Illawarra Mercury it talks about saving the data from your computer.

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Looking for something?

‘Where are my keys?’ ‘Where are they?’ This is a frequent comment in my house. Not by me, but by hubby. My responds is always the same; ‘Are they on ‘their’ spot?’ I know however, that if they were on their spot, he wouldn’t be looking for them. Is this a familiar scenario at your place? One of the main concepts in organising is that of homes. Each and every item in your home should have a home. It is estimated that we lose between 7 and 14 working days a year looking for items. Just think about the frustration that you feel when you can’t find something and the 15 minutes here and there we spend looking for it. All this wasted time can be saved by introducing the concept of homes into your home (no pun intended).

Giving items a 'home'

What better place to start than with your keys or wallet. A good home for these items would be a place close to the entrance or the spot we visit as soon as we enter the house. We can then check if we have; keys, phone and wallet when we leave the house. If one is missing it should be on its place, so it will take only 10 seconds to locate and put in our bag or pocket.

Let’s look at other homeless items; bags - allocate a shelve, or a box for them. Shoes - again shelve or box, probably separating the often worn shoes and special occasion shoes. Bills - sort them above the recycling bin – it is amazing how much less daunting it looks when they are out of their envelops. Once bills are opened, put them on the spot you will pay or file them. Pencils, books and newspapers can be grouped together and could even be, to a certain extent, display items. Kids’ toys should have a storage space, this means that there is enough storage for all toys. If we don’t have this, then, we either have not enough boxes or we have too many toys (in most cases it is the later).


The benefits 

Think about the benefits of using homes, image how nice it would be, to not look for frequently used items anymore. It could add 15 – 30 minutes to your day in which you can relax or do something you enjoy. Another benefit with homes is, that if you find only one home for one item or group of items a day, you will have created 30 homes in a month. This will be 30 frequently used items we don’t have to look for anymore.

I’ll end with a last tip in regards to keys; I just recently bought a clip to attach my keys to the inside of my handbag. No more looking for my house keys in my handbag for 5 minutes (feeling very embarrassed as I am the organising lady). The keys are clicked off and we are in the house in seconds. It is a bit cliché, but in our day to day lives, it are the little things that count.

Illawarra Mercury ,7 May 2013

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