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That organised feeling

Do you know that feeling? When you walk into your hotel room or apartment, on the beginning of your stay? I am talking about a nice place, a place where you can recharge. When we enter these places in our holidays, all the facilities that we need and more (- who uses the iron in their holidays?) are there, yet the space is clean, clear and organised. This feeling is what organising and learning how to organise can do for you and your home. You will have little glimpses of that holiday feeling, that instant relaxation as you enter a place.

Will your home always be resort like when you are organised? I am not sure, it depends on your life outside of your home. For me as a mother with two young children, a career and business demands, the answer is very simply no. My home is not always spic and span, it doesn’t always feel like a resort, but I do regularly organise and maintain my spaces. The reason I like to organise is that in my day to day life, I can get a few of those glimpses of that special holiday feeling. A clear space makes our mind at easy, we have space to think, we can act more freely, be more creative and we are not as much reminded of the endless lists of things to do or things we haven’t finished yet.

As the days progress in our holiday resorts, the rooms get a bit messier, our items find a place in the room. This could be an organised spot, this could be the floor (depending on your holiday style ;-). And you know what? That is absolutely okay, spaces are there to be lived in but with maintenance of the room, it remains a nice place, a space to relax and rejuvenate from our daily activities in the outside world. There is one difference between home and resorts in regards to maintaining the rooms, in resorts this is done for you, by amazing people called room attendance, at home there is well you. Irrespective of who does the maintenance, regularly tidying and organising helps to facilitate those amazing feelings that organisation can bring into your life.

As a side note; this is my first of hopefully many columns to come. Please join me as we will look at many different ways to get organised and regain clarity.

Illawarra Mercury 23 April, 2013

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