Internal Factors

Internal Factors are our believe systems, the way we think and even just our unique selves all contribute to how and whether we are (or feel) organised. Our internal dialog can help or hinder whether and to which extend we are getting organised. This is the tricky invisible space that often potentially right fully so, (as it simply is too hard) gets ignored. 

For example; I have had the skills set to organise pretty much anything for years, this however didn’t mean that everything in my life was organised. I had to look very deeply at my situation, at the external factors in my life, why I was accepting these and how I could work with them. At one stage my job, my work week and my marriage, all did not align with my values, my belief system as well as how I would like to spend each day that I was given. The result was often stress, a mess at home and at work, simply because my mind, schedule and values weren’t aligned with what I was doing.

Questioning why we do the things we do, isn’t for the faint hearted. It is a long and arduous process which I doubt we will ever finish as it is part of our human experience which allows us to grow, evolve and reach for new, big and better things.  

The organizing frame work

Internal Factors is one of the main categories in the organizing frame work which consists out of: Skills and knowledge, External Factors and Internal Factors.

I have further more broken the Internal Factors up in the follow categories:

  1. You – your values, skills and talents
  2. The psychology of organizing
  3. The philosophy of organizing

Within these categories you will find a lot of my musings about organising and decluttering as I like to ponder how we got here as individuals, as a society and what is the best way moving forward.

Questions like; What is blocking you from getting organised? get looked at here. After all, before you can work towards a vision you first need to have one and know what is blocking you in getting there. 

Or questioning; What are the challenges of people living in the 21st century in regards to organising? Is also something I like to have a look at, as clearly we as contemporaries of the 21st Century with the advent of technology and the numerous breakthroughs, have had different challenges in relation to organisation than any other generation has had before us.

Concise and crystal clear answers, might never be a result of focussing on these areas. However, sometimes we get aahhaa moments from spending time here. Sometimes we have our little break throughs and once originated or resolved in the mind our skills sets, our external world or spaces as well as our daily lives will positively reflect allot of what has started here.

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