The Illawarra Mercury Column

From April 2012 I till August 2015 I have writen a weekly column for the Illawarra Mercury the well-known newspaper for the Illawarra area. The newspaper readership covers the area from Helensburgh to Eden as well as the more Eastern areas including Campbelltown and Bowral and Moss vale. The Illawarra Mercury has about a readership of 48.000 during the week and 71.000 over the weekend*. 

There are several people with their own speciality writing their columns for the Illawarra Mercury. I am the first professional organiser with a column. 

Underneath is a selection of some of the columns: 

Column 1: That organised feeling

Column 2: Organise your computer files

Column 3: Creating homes for frequently used items

Column 4: Holding onto items and thinking rationally

Column 5: Meal planning

Column 6: Being proactive or reactive

There is another section on my website with articles written by Illawarra Mercury journalists which might be interesting as well.

If you have any questions in regards to organising feel free to contact me. I could always use some define inspiration from external sources ;-) The aim of these articles is after all; for you to be entertained and inspired to start organising or decluttering in your own life in your own way.



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