How to organize your bedroom

Learning how to organize your bedroom is a great way to go, if you are craving to get some rest and relaxation back into your life.

In the whole scheme of organizing, organizing your bedroom is one of the easier spaces to do. Organizing a bedroom often shows quick progress, making you feel like you are achieving something in regards to your organizing projects. From a psychological perspective, once you learn how to organize your bedroom and keep it this way, you will get daily reminders (morning and night) that you can organize. Lastly you will sleep better and start to feel better, this all allows you to do even bigger and better things with your time moving forward.

How to organize your bedroom
- the organizing tips:

Although learning how to organize your bedroom is from an organizing perspective straight forward - at the same time it is one of these areas that people really struggle with, when they are trying to organize their bedroom on their own. 

This makes sense because it is easy to feel overwhelmed with your bedroom, you might have a particular messy bedroom and / or if you have secondary bedrooms in the house they could easily function as the junk room. I have therefor separated this topic in several subheadings, the basic tips on how to organize your bedroom are below.

Help for if you have a particularly messy bedroom can be found here and back ground tips and ideas for how to organize your clothes are here.

How to organize your bedroom - Tip 1.
Make your bed

It takes less than 30 seconds for an adult to make their bed. I understand that you might not feel like making your bed, but if you don’t the room looks messy and you will get to bed in a messy, cluttered pile of blankets. My home is not yet a 5-star resort, however my bed is made every day and getting into a neatly made bed at night is such a great feeling, something which we shouldn’t deprive ourselves of.

To make life easier on yourself keep your bedding simple, no more than 4 pillows, I personally like a doona and no separate sheets or blankets, it saves washing and messing about with all those layers.

To keep things nice a fresh I keep a weekly routine of cleaning the sheets which give a nice feel to the place I normal aim to spend 50+ hours a week in.

How to organize your bedroom - Tip 2. 
Get rid of the clothes and clear the floor

As far as bedrooms go - clear the floor which often includes picking clothes of the floor. Make a rule to only have clothes in your cupboard or in the laundry and if you really need to have some clothes in your room, for example the outfit for tomorrow or for your exercise class tonight. I suggest you hang clothes off a hook at the back of your door. This clears up your floor space and feels mentally much better.

On this note, when your pajamas's aren’t used, they can go on the back of the door as well, you can place them under your pillow or on a hook in the bathroom.

Organizing clothes is a whole topic in and off itself, you can find out how to organize clothes here.

How to organizing your bedroom - Tip 3. 
think about the purpose of the room

The purpose of a bedroom is so simple; it is for rest and relaxation.

Anything which isn’t adding to the purpose of rest and relaxation can and should find a place somewhere else in the house.

Sharing the bedroom with a significant other

Sharing a bedroom can be tricky and might need to be looked at on a case by case basis. I know women who created laundry hampers, plastic storage boxes and the like to get their partners to be organized with their clothes and other items in the bedroom. It is a good idea to talk about this with your partner, to state how important this is for you. Where possible lead by example and be very positive if you or your partner is breaking through ingrained habits that don’t serve you as a couple anymore. 

In general, a lot of relationship topics come down to respect for the other persons needs and wishes as well as boundaries in terms of what you as a couple together and as individuals - can and can’t live with. In my opinion a grown person who is not willing to pick their clothes of the floor when their partner finds this important, is simply not cool. Which means that if all else fails, it is not unusual for people to declutter more than things when going through some organizing in their bedroom (but you didn’t hear this from me).

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