How to organize a kitchen

It is now time to really learn how to organize a kitchen! You have decluttered your kitchen, you have cleaned your kitchen and you know how to maintain a nice reasonably clean kitchen. We spoke about how to organize the pantry on a separate page, here we will have a wider view of the kitchen and how we can best organize it.

We will look at:

• The volume of your kitchen equipment (this is everything from crockery to gadgets).
• The frequency you will use your items
• Ease of use in that location
• The overall flow of the kitchen

How to organize a kitchen –
The volume of kitchen equipment

There are thousands of kitchen gadgets some fantastic, some are great inventions, but in daily life they are not so often used as we might think. Examples of this are donut makers, hot-dog warmers and even juicers or mixers.  If you really don’t have the space in your kitchen and / or you don’t use them very often, these items are for all practical purposes clutter.

If I had to pick three gadgets that I would keep in the kitchen, it would be: a kettle, a stab mixer and an all-purpose mixer 
to puree some soups (in some cases the stab mixer and all-purpose mixer can be combined).

In my kitchen, we also have a toaster, a sandwich press and a coffee machine but these are not essential.

It terms of how many things you can keep in the kitchen, it is very simple; you can basically have the amount of gadgets your kitchen will hold. Be aware however, most gadgets are rarely used after the initial novelty factor. Be very, very careful before you purchase something for your kitchen, the kitchen is a busy place we don’t want this to be cluttered up.

How to organize a kitchen –
The frequency you will use your items

Obviously crockery, frequently used glassware and cutlery need fast and easy access. Your cake mixer will not be used daily so put it on the back of a higher or lower cupboard.

Similarly non-frequently used crockery or glasses, put them to the back of your cupboards. When the occasion arises, you are most likely motivated to go through the extra trouble to get it. Glassware or special crockery can also be kept outside the kitchen in a nice cabinet, as this will only be used when you have guest over or at special times a year. This allows your kitchen to function as a space for everyday cooking and meal serving.

How to organize a kitchen –
Ease of use in that location

It makes sense to put the cups next to the kettle or coffee machine. And to put the breakfast bowls close the cereal. The plates close to the stove etc. This will make your preparation much faster and you will have most things at your fingertips.

Also think about your kitchen tools for cooking. Can you easily access them? How can you display them in an organized way? 

In line with this idea about ease of use and the location for your kitchen items, make your kitchen very easy on the eye.

This means that basically;

most people should be able to see where items go just by the placement of other items.

All these little things make cooking and cleaning the kitchen faster and more enjoyable.

How to organize a kitchen –
The overall flow of the kitchen

I think that;

most people never question the flow of their kitchen.

To do this, please take two minutes to answer the following questions;

  • How does it feel to be and work in the kitchen?
  • Are most things in the kitchen at your fingertips?

If you don’t feel great in your kitchen, or you have to continuously walk backwards and forwards. Think about what you can change around to create a better flow for your kitchen tasks. You can also have multiple flows. I have one for coffee making, breakfast and cooking. Depending on the time of day I am in another area of the kitchen and work with a different flow.

How to organize a kitchen - Create Flow...

You can see how this plays out in the pictures below.


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