How to organize the kitchen

Declutter and organize the Kitchen

The kitchen is a big project to undertake. It is also a very often used area in most houses and some would say it is the heart of any home. When we want to get our kitchen organized we have a variety of levels we need to acknowledge before we can decide where we can best start this project.

In which category does the state of your kitchen fall?

1. Your kitchen is very messy – please start by decluttering the kitchen both part 1 and part 2

2. Your kitchen needs a good clean – please see our cleaning the kitchen page

3. Your kitchen is okay; it is relatively clean, but it really needs to be organized. Please see how to organize your kitchen, your pantry and your fridge.

After this you need to maintain your organized kitchen by regular cleaning, kitchen habits and by an annual kitchen check-up.

Are you ready to learn How to organize the kitchen? Let’s get started......


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