How to declutter your kitchen

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We have come a long way with learning how to declutter your kitchen. By now all benches should be clear, if not go back to Part 1. The reason I am a bit strict with this is that the psychological results of your hard work are not as great for this part as they are for the first part. We want to make sure we are encouraged and proud of our achievements before we start with the cupboards.

It make sense to want have; clean, decluttered and organized cupboards or an organize pantry. As they are a joy to have, but you only see this, when you open the door.

There for declutter the kitchen bench first.

At this stage of how to declutter your kitchen we go through each cupboard in our kitchen and look at all the items we have and check if we still need them.

You can do this in a variety of ways:
• Top to bottom
• Left to right

and work your way through your kitchen.

• You can also start with an easy cupboard say crockery and work your way through the kitchen to the harder areas say the feared third drawer in the kitchen.

I like the last option best, you get better and better at decluttering and can see your earlier (easier) achievements, which will help with the harder parts in the kitchen.

Items to let go -
when you declutter your kitchen

Items that you should really need to consider letting go are:
• Chipped crockery
• Un matching crockery or glass wear
• Food gadgets that you don’t use
• Containers that have had their hay day
• Containers without lids
• Over date food items in the pantry
• Sauces, spices and exotic foods you either don’t like or won’t use

be realistic in what you keep. 

This process might induce some guilt, thoughts like;

‘we bought it’, ‘I waste money’, ‘some people don’t have any food and look at me throwing it out’, might appear.

This is hard but you are not helping anyone with holding on to food you will not eat. If you let it go and organize your kitchen for future you will have less and less of these ‘misbuys’. Simply acknowledging that in our groceries shopping, we are bound to  make some mistakes.

In the overall scheme of things, kitchen and pantry purchases are mistakes we can recover from isn’t it?

Let items go and enjoy the reclaimed space in your kitchen.

Fine tuning - how to declutter your kitchen

If you find items when you declutter your kitchen that are still in very good condition, say a crockery set you don’t use.  Give it to a second hand shop, you might make someone very happy. The same applies to too many forks, knives, cups etc.

It is better to share the love than to have clutter in your kitchen.

For food items some councils actually have community kitchens that would love donations (if the foods haven’t been opened) but be realistic if you have no time or do not have the inclination to do this just get things OUT of the kitchen! As time goes on and we get better at organizing we find we can give more and more to others.

Once we have looked through all our cupboards we need to go and have a look in the fridge, under the sink and finally that dreaded drawer. Don’t do all of this in one hit! Concentrate only on how to declutter your kitchen. Not on cleaning or organizing, as you will get there, but we don’t want you to do these three things all at once (declutter, clean and organize) as this could potentially create a bigger mess or make you feel very overwhelmed.

Once we have completed how to declutter your kitchen part 2 it is time to give the kitchen a good clean.


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