External Factors

External Factors to organizing are the very (or somewhat) easy to see things. For example, are your bills paid on time? Can you see your desk? How is the living room, the kitchen and your washing? If the thought of any of the above is frightening you, there are a range of things you can do to improve your level of organisation.  And, if you had a look at the organising Framework you will know that both Skills and Knowledge and Internal Factors surrounding organising have a big influence on whether you feel and look organised. 

Looking at our surroundings

When we have reached a point where we would like to get organized once and for all, most of us look for external answers and solutions. Often we are specific in what we want to learn or how to organize a particular space, which might lead us to search (on the web) for answers.

Alternatively we have certain challenges in our lives for example a demanding full time job, a horrible boss, being a (single) parent, wanting to create a budget, organising the living room and the long overdue photo collection.

This section of the website allows for all those specific topics within organizing and decluttering. It is my pleasure to help you with your specific organizing issues. In a practical way giving you ideas and suggestions you can use straight away.

Having said this, it is good to be aware of the larger scope and the complexity of organising. 

Breaking down the External Factors

Like the Internal Factors and the Skills and knowledge section, External factors can be broken down in a number of smaller overall categories. Under the heading of External Factors if have placed two topics which are very large in their own right Organizing Spaces and Organizing life. These pages break it down a bit more and will be a summary of all the related articles and webpages. 

Two smaller categories are the Environment and other people. These are factors we cannot always do that much about. We cannot move from a 1 bedroom place to a 5 bedroom mansion (at least not right this instant) and we cannot control the people around us. We can however control if and how much time we spend with certain people in our lives which might help or hinder our goals in relation to being organised. 

Come back to these pages regularly as pages will get regularly updated and added.

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