Declutter and organize the bathroom

It is important to declutter and organize the bathroom as bathrooms are frequently used places. On both the how to clean your bathroom and the cleaning page I given you tips and ideas to ponder which will help you clean this space easily.

On this page let’s have a look on how to declutter and organize the bathroom, (most strongly the declutter part) so the bathroom becomes a space of calmness and relaxation.

Declutter and organize the bathroom –
get rid of things

Have a look at all your lotions and potions, do you like them, use them? If yes, keep them and group them together. If you do not like them, use them to clean or re-gift the item if it is still in its original package. 

When you declutter and organize the bathroom look at everything very critically. Ask yourself: Can some of the hair ties go? Can you get rid of some of the kid’s bath toys? Also check if there are items which are not used and why you are not using some these items in your bathroom? It could be because it wasn’t such a good purchase to start with, you outgrew the item or didn’t even know you had it. 

As with any decluttering phase remove all items that you don’t need and want and be left with the items you do want to keep. In the bathroom, it is furthermore also important that you make sure the items are relevant in this space, seeing that the bathroom isn’t conducive to all items that might live there (one thing that comes to might is make up, especially if you have a particularly damp bathroom).

Declutter and organize the bathroom –
don’t let things float

It is tempting to let things “float” in the bathroom, I am guilty of it and so are my little ones. 

There could be a few reasons for it, 

  • We don’t have a home for our things. If this is the case scroll a little further and read about the bathroom baskets.
  • We don’t put things back often enough. This can be especially tempting with clothes, rather than straight away putting things in the laundry or hanging them on the hook in our bedroom. We leave our clothes on the floor this means the bathroom can appear full of clutter and feel disorganized in the short time span that we and our family members freshen up and shower during the day. If this is an issue, get yourself (and your family members) in a routine - put those clothes away asap.

Declutter and organize the bathroom –
getting your baskets

This is the fun part, there are very few places as fun to use baskets and caddy’s than in the bathroom. Other good news is, that if you have limited shelving, you can add quite a number of baskets - if it keeps your items separated and organized, this is the way to go. I have experimented with several baskets over time and love the suction ones, if possible get the plastic versions because they clean easier and do not rust (you can even put them in the dishwasher, when they need a clean). 

In my current bathroom, I have very few little spaces (as there is no bathroom cabinet), the suction baskets have made a great difference in preventing clutter to float aimlessly and homeless in my bathroom. 

I also have a few stack-able boxes which include less frequently used bathroom items and some of the kid’s bath toys. When needed, these boxes are easy and quick to grab, on a day-to-day basis they are out of the way. 

There is some space to keep the back-up towels and lastly there is a box for the cleaning cloths. This means that I am around five seconds away for the cleaning rags, whilst in the shower, which automatically means the bathroom and the sink get wiped down more often leaving the space cleaner, clearer and more organized.

If the bathroom is a space you struggle with, I encourage you to have a look at the cleaning page, the how to clean your bathroom page and possibly also read up about using a shower caddy (which is an extension on the bathroom baskets).

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