How to clean up after the party

Everyone has enjoyed themselves, the food, the company and the whole event was a success. Now we still need to clean up after the party. On this page we help you to get this job done.

Clean up after the party 

You can go two ways in terms of cleaning up after the party;

  1. Keep going. You have been on your feet most of the day, so why not just finish it off? 
  2. Or relax and slowly get back into the final phase of any party the; clean up.

From event to event, my approach to cleaning up when I organize a party changes. Allot depends on the amount of people I had over and how much effort the cooking was, and / or how big a mess there is to clean up.

This is an example of a normal clean up - after I organize a party:

I put as quickly as possible 1 load of dishes on.

I then go through my house and pick one task or area at the time so this would work as follows:

Clean up after the party - the House and Kitchen

  • Clear one table
  • Wipe and straighten chairs
  • Clear a second table
  • Put clean dishes away
  • Put dirty dishes in the machine
  • Wash big pots and pans by hand
  • Empty the bin

You can do all of these tasks, one after the other. You can also do one task have a break and then do the next task. As allot of these tasks don’t take longer than 5-10 minutes I tend to spend a focused hour on cleaning up when having a small gathering of people (less than 15).

Note: that it is important to decide on one area to clear and finish it! You will literally see your house transform before your eyes and you will have a heightened sense of achievement after each small task you complete.

After the crockery, glass and silverware has been washed and put away, you can sweep or Vac the floors. You can also do that tomorrow. It again depends on your energy levels, on how you feel, as well as well as what is planned for the day after. If you have a busy day the day after the party keep going with your clean up, you will thank yourself for your extra efforts in the days ahead.

Clean up after the party - some philosophy

As a general philosophy; keep in mind that organizing is very much about being kind to yourself. There is no point in having one massive party a year and be exhausted for days. 

Match your parties to your skill level and make sure there are times to enjoy yourself whilst the party is in progress.


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