Clean n go

Cleaning doesn’t need to be a tedious job which takes hours, you can use a simple technique: "Clean n go" to transform your house without realizing it. 

Looking around at my house today, it is nice, tidy, jet still a bit lived in. When you are in a phase that you just want to stay organized, you don’t have to go for the whole “Vogue look” every day. Instead, you want to create a level of comfort for yourself which is fairly easy to maintain. When thinking of what I have done these last weeks and why it is at a stable level of tidiness I could break it down to a number of very regularly performed tasks; Put away as you go, Wipe, double check, keep floors clean, stay on top of the laundry and the kitchen.

Let’s have a look at the different parts:

Put things away as you go

Put away as you go; as soon as you walk in the house put things away! This means nag children to put their lunch box away. Place paperwork on your desk (in the in tray of course) and your bag in its allocated spot. Then nag some more to have dirty clothes, shoes etc. go in their respective places. If you would only leave five items a day lying around the house, it means one person could have scattered thirty-five items throughout the house in one week (for the mathematicians that would be Eighteen hundred and twenty items per person a year) if you live with multiple people, you can extend the maths.

Wipe things down

Wipe; I could call this clean, but cleaning everyday sounds a bit intimidating - so just tell yourself to wipe areas that need dirt removed from its surfaces as you are moving through your house.

Double check your spaces

Double check; this is important on the end of the day – Did you leave anything out? If yes, just take five minutes to put it back.

“Clean n go”: the floors

Floors; I might have mentioned in other articles each person has a “thing” mine is floors. If the floor is clean my blood pressure is lower. I love my vacuums (yes multiple) one for deep cleaning but for a “Clean n go”, my dust buster is fine. Especially the entrance and the kitchen benefit from a regular daily vacuum in my place.

“Clean n go”: the laundry

Daily laundry, which involves; washing, drying and putting clothes away makes life a breeze on the end of a busy week.

“Clean n go”: the kitchen

The kitchen is a big topic in and / of itself. In terms of this page’s main concept, I would suggest you keep the flow in your kitchen. Wash, dry and put away. If I am busy you can always tell in the kitchen as I tell myself that I “don’t have time to clean stuff or put dirty dishes away”. However, dishes will keep on coming in, which in turn is creating a bottleneck of items in the kitchen. 

Staying on top of dishes, will have a positive effect on how organized you feel. At busy times I also simplify my meal plan and cooking to reduce the amount of work and cleaning I have to do. 

“Clean n go” could potentially be a little mantra, it can function as a different way to help you stay organized by looking at your daily reoccurred tasks. 

This article was Originally published in another format in the Illawarra Mercury Feb 2015 by Sabine Straver

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