Canvas Storage Bags

One of my most favourite organizing tools, are canvas storage bags. They come in many shapes and sizes and can really organize a variety of items.

Storage Boxes and Kids

Kids do not –like many adults- open and close lids very well. This means that complicated tedious organizing boxes will not work for young children. Open boxes that can handle a bit of rough and tumble are the best way to go. You can be organize in terms of what goes into these  bags for example we put all fluffy toys together, all puzzles together and all cards together in one box. This works when your children are toddlers and they like to categorize. If you and your children are just getting used to being more organize the less rules the better. Chuck it in the boxes and overtime you might want to fine tune.

The uses of Canvas Storage Bags

The uses for these containers / bags are endless just in my own house I have used them for kids toys, books, dumping all my husband’s study notes in (he likes it that way and at least all notes are together). In the past I kept recycle bags in a tidy canvas bag close to the entry and exit of my home. For clients I have used Storage Bags to put beauty products away, journals, mementos (like a memory boxes), first aid items and travel items that are left unused a large part of the time.

Why Storage Bags are great!

  • They can transform a room in minutes.
  • They are relatively cheap in comparison to other storage boxes.
  • They come in millions of shapes and sizes. This means they will fit nicely on a book shelve but after looking around and measuring boxes (this is important) they can also fit underneath a bed.
  • They come in many different colours
  • They are easy to find in cheap shops, formal home furniture places and even in building supply stores.
  • In line with the previous plus they come in a variety of price ranges. You don’t have to buy the $20,- dollar box now. Buy the three canvas storage bags for $12,- dollars now and see how they can transform your place.
  • If you are sick of one particular colour you can change them for a few dollars.
  • They put a clear boundary on items. No matter how organized you are: beauty products, journals and old books will look messy a canvas storage box categorizes items and make it look streamlined and organized (even though it was organized before the bag, we are visual creatures that make quick assumptions  a clear space = an organized space)
  • If the storage bags are not in use you can fold them up they take up no space folded.

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