Be organized with kids

Being a mum and being organized is a big ask. How can you be organized with kids? The constant demands, distraction and never ending list of things to do will be there. Learning how to organize yourself will make you not only be a(n even) better mother. It will help you stay sane in the ooh so demanding years of child rearing.

At the time of writing this page I am the mother of two young children; 6 and 9 years old.

There is a lot I have found out about being organized with young children and now I am learning how to be organized with a school aged children. Please come back here regularly to view new and added topics helping you to be organized and clutter free while going through the weekly mountain of ‘mummy’ tasks in a breeze (well most days – let’s be realistic).

Some topics I started to write about are meal plans, organized lunches, organized children’s rooms, storage in kids rooms, having the kids clothes sorted, getting the kids involved in cleaning up, kids choresorganized school notestraveling with Children. Having an organized arts and craft area in the house.

The list is really endless and will evolve over time.

Any suggestions are always welcome please contact me.

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