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Sabine Straver - Biography

Sabine Straver has worked or run businesses at the higher level management since 2001. In 2009, she completed a BA in Psychology, followed by a Cert IV in TEA in 2010. In 2016 she completed a Cert IV in Small New Business and HRM.

Sabine is currently completing her Cert IV in;  Bookkeeping, studying Marketing and a Masters in Entrepreneurship, because you can never learn too much ;-)

A passion for learning and teaching is reflected by her extensive studies. It is also shown through her teaching Management at the University of Wollongong since 2009 as a Casual Academic. Currently she is working on her Post graduate studies.

Sabine’s work strives to improve the lives of people living with clutter, a sense of disorganisation or overwhelm. Her work includes regular columns in a range of publications including: the Illawarra Mercury. Additionally, she contributes numerous articles to her website: www.declutter_and_organize.com and works directly with clients via her Business; the Essence of Clarity

In her spare time, she likes to spend time with her children, family and friends. She likes to read books, work on her latest qualification, watch movies, do her yoga, cook healthy meals and regularly attempts to relax.

In my own words..

I have always been very organised in relation to my studies but at home things were harder to organise and keep that way. 

When I juggled work, an undergraduate degree and the challenges that parenthood brought – home life became even messier.

After a defining moment in 2009 I decided to get organised with every aspect of my life including every item in my house.

For 6 years I studied the subject of getting organized extensively and put many of these theories and ideas into practice. Since that time I have attended many workshops on the subject, read most books available on organizing and worked extensively for friends and family.

My skill set and passion mean that no matter what I do, I will always be looking at ways to organize and declutter. I also like to see how systems and processes work and if I can link how organisation can make a positive difference to someone’s work or home life.

A format like this website allows me to share the acquired knowledge with people who might benefit from this.

Through increasing demand for my organising services I started Wollongong’s first and only organising consultancy business; The Essence of Clarity in 2011.

2014 and 2015

During this period, I had an opportunity to extend my skills in the corporate world looking at organising; IT and paperwork structures, business strategies and operations. Life was very busy combining corporate work, with organising client visits, the organising website, writing articles and going through massive life changes.

This period saw me become unexpectedly a (more than) full-time working single parent. Which was tough, very tough. I however wouldn't be able to practise what I preach as well unless I would have spent time in the trenches at the front line so to speak and I seriously have.

Now we are nearing the end of 2015 life is getting a bit easier and calmer again. A busy life is a great place to hone organising skills and a slightly quieter pace allows for me to write about the skills I have learned. One of the things that have come out of this time is my organizational framework which shows the complexity of organizing and why organizing is so hard.


Was a year we spend a lot of time on visiting clients and working on the website. I also started writing a weekly column for the Illawarra Mercury.


2012 saw me work throughout the Illawarra (the region around Wollongong) going up to Sydney NSW (Australia) and the Western Suburbs of Sydney. I also thought many workshops in all those areas which was always a joy and a privilege. In this last year I also became a member of the AAPO – the Australian Association of Professional Organisers.

I was also featured twice in the Illawarra Mercury in regards to my organising business.

Educational Background

I have a Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology with a minor in Human Resource Management, a Cert IV in TAE (training and assessment) and am currently working on a Masters in Business.

There is also a wealth of knowledge accumulated through a variety of life experiences two of them are; being a single parent of two beautiful young children. I have been involved with a number of small businesses in managerial roles and teach at the University of Wollongong and colleges in the Illawarra / Sydney region.

 Professional organising

Although I love being in the field of professional organising, something I enjoy very much and expect to do for many more years, I did struggle with a few things.
Firstly, there is so much to learn in regards to getting organised.
Secondly I couldn’t always get through to the people who could use this service the most.

The idea for a content rich website about organizing was born which is and most likely always will be a work in progress. I hope you enjoy reading the material as the sites grows and develops.

Any questions about organizing or ideas for the site let me know.

Side Note: A challenge I came across in creating an international website is that I happen to have a profession and field of expertise which is spelled differently across the English speaking countries. See here my explanation about organizing the organised word on this website ;-)

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