Standard of Engagement  
Face-to-Face Services

This webpage sets out our terms of engagement additionally to the standard policy. Please read it and make sure that you understand the scope of our engagement. 

By asking us to come to your premise the terms of our engagement are accepted. If you like this as a separate document to sign the do let us know. Please contact us immediately if you do not understand, or wish to discuss, any aspect of the terms of this engagement. 

If you continue to provide us with information and instructions regarding the services we provide, the terms and information provided on this page will bind us both. 

1. TERMS OF ENGAGEMENT: Scope of Services

The work we will carry out is:
Declutter and organise items or papers in the home, home based business and small to medium business (jointly referred to as the “Services”).

Between you the client and SAQ Pty Ltd – trading as – The Essence of Clarity

2. Commencement - This Agreement will commence on the earlier of; 

a. the date that a link to this Agreement has been forwarded to you;
b. the date of the first Organising Consultation (this can be face-to-face or Online);
c. or the date you instruct us to do the Services.

3. Fee estimate – Most people see significant results between 1 – 4 sessions. Our fees are shown on our FAQ’s page which includes our fees.

Whilst this estimate on sessions is not binding on us, it is based on our experience and significant results within our profession. 

The duration of the service depends on the volume of items and the speed at which we can work with you. Should the scope of work change significantly, we will keep you informed of the impact this may have on your fees. 

4. Term – This agreement continues until is terminated in accordance with Clause 5 

5. Termination – We will not continue to provide the Services if you fail to pay our bills, if you fail to provide us with adequate instructions, providing the Services puts us in breach of our professional obligations or either party provides one months’ notice of intention to terminate the Agreement. You will be required to pay our charges for work done, and for expenses incurred, up to the date of termination. 

6. Calculation of time – If fees are payable based upon an hourly rate, our fees are determined by applying these hourly rates on your project. 

7. Disbursements – In the course of your project it may be necessary to incur disbursements, which are fees, expenses and charges such as furniture fees, organising tools required and subscription fees. These are payable as and when they fall due for payment. We will not incur any substantial expense without first obtaining your permission. 

8. Billing – We ask you pay on the day via cash or the EFT machine we carry with us. 

9. Payment – You can pay our accounts, cash, by card or by direct deposit to the following account: 

Account name: NetBank Saver 
BSB: 06 2624
Account number: 1098 9210

Please insert your invoice number as the reference for the payment. An electronic copy of the invoice will be send through to the email address you have provided.

10. Declined payment - If payment by you is declined, our Services will automatically be put on hold after one week, until another means of payment is provided. You agree to not hold The Essence of Clarity responsible for any potential penalties, interest, or other damage incurred due to the suspension of Services in respect thereof. 

The persons who will be responsible for your work – The Services may be performed by any staff engaged by The Essence of Clarity. All work in relation to the provision of the Services will be done or supervised by Sabine Straver. 

12. Client Responsibility – You agree to provide, in a timely manner, all information, materials, access to technology systems that we reasonably require to enable us to provide the Services. 

It is the responsibility of you to review and decide on all of your possessions or give clear instructions in regards to this. If working with you in a coaching role, we require you to be present when making decisions on your possessions and whether the items will be kept or disposed of. Please see our FAQ’s page for more information about our standard services.

13. Indemnity - You will indemnify and hold the Essence of Clarity harmless against any loss, damage, action or claim arising from or in relation to organising and decluttering your possessions. 

The Essence of Clarity will not take any responsibility for items accidently thrown out or items broken or damaged whilst you are using our service. The placement of items or instructions on how to find these items after we have left the premise.

The Essence of Clarity however will take the utmost care in looking after your possessions and the ease to find these after our services has ceased.

14. Communication -Where instructions are given/received via a telephone conversation, text message or in person these are legally binding.

15. Confidentiality – the terms of this agreement, and any information acquired by the parties in the performance of this agreement is subject to, disclosure as required by law, held strictly confidential. 

Photos made with your permission might be used for promotion material in future. Some of the experiences in working with clients are used in publications or training.
In the above circumstances, all personal details and identifiable features will be removed and you will not be able to be identified in any form.

16. Insurances - During the term of this agreement, each Party will maintain at its own expense, in addition to all legally required insurance, policies of insurance in such amounts and on such other terms and conditions as it is reasonably necessary with regard to its business, provided that the amounts and other terms and conditions of such policies must be at least equivalent to policies appropriate for and typically maintained by other companies of comparable size engaged in similar business activities. 

17. Disputes - If a dispute arises between the parties, both parties will attempt to resolve the dispute by discussion, negotiation and mediation before commencing legal proceedings. 

18. Jurisdiction - This Agreement will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of New South Wales. Each party irrevocably and unconditionally submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of New South Wales.

19. Acceptance – Before acceptance of this offer you are entitled to negotiate these terms and seek legal advice. If you do not return the signed agreement or negotiate the terms but instruct us to commence work, it will be taken to be an acceptance of this offer and costs will be charged in accordance with this agreement. 

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