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Update on our services 

This year is a big year for us as such we had to make decisions on where to spend our time and energy (aka be as organised as we can be).

Please take note that:

  • We work in two different ways, face-to-face time and / or online coaching sessions
  • We currently take on very few new clients to work with one-on-one inside their properties.
  • We currently have limited access to our emails.

Face-to-face sessions

Face-to-face sessions means that we will come to your space and work one-on-one with you to get organised and declutter. We often work in complex or overwhelming spaces. We work in 4 hour blocks and will create a little break in between milestones.

The sessions are set up to keep momentum, see great progress but also to not overwhelm you with the task at hand. 

If you are working on a very dense or complex area several sessions are recommended. In some occasions we will also advise you to purchase some storage solutions which will make your space get organised faster and its maintenance easier. 

Online Organising Coaching sessions

Our online support consists out of a conference call (Zoom where possible) in which we can see the areas that you would like to work on in organising.

We will give you guidance, support, ideas and homework assignments. Regular online coaching sessions can be a great way to keep organising momentum going and to keep the accountability to yourself alive as well as allowing you to organise with professional guidance on a budget.

You can have 1 session or several over a period of time. We are here ready to chat about organising and coach you when you need it. 

How will it work? 

  1. Contact us and purchase an hour of organising coaching.
  2. We will decide on a time that suits.
  3. Get in contact at the agreed time (most likely Zoom) and we will work through our session.



Our prices are as follows:
4 Hours Sydney
$397,- Includes GST and Travel to Sydney

4 Hours Wollongong
$374,- Including GST and Travel within the Wollongong area

Note: that our time is currently limited to take on face-to-face clients and there might be a waiting list.

Online Organising support

We will run 1 – hour Organising Coaching sessions for $84,- Including GST 

Online content!

Our online content is king this year. 

We are and have been an information provider and will give you lots and lots of organising and decluttering content throughout the year most often a couple of times a week.

You can follow: 

Get on our mailing list (and get the secret to organising)

Other options

Purchase the book Organising Unpacked

Explore the dozens of pages of organising goodness on this website.

Speaking engagements  

Sabine is a teacher at heart and loves to provide training sessions or be a speaker at your next event if it will help to inspire your audience to declutter and organise.

If you have an event in which you think we'll be a good fit, feel free to reach out to us and we’ll see if we can join you.

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