Organizing your home office space

For a lot of us organizing your home office space is something we would like to do – one day…………when we feel like it. It isn’t however on top of our list of things to do. 

Even if we do want to organize our home office space and feel courageous one day as well as have a couple of hours to spare; would you know how to organize a home office?

There are a lot of different components to organizing your home office space and it is no wonder if you feel this whole project is a bit overwhelming. 

Don’t rush, simply take it one step (or one paper) at a time.

To simplify and compartmentalize things, I have broken this topic down in a few basic steps on this page, with extensions to other web pages which combined should help you to organize your home office and all the papers in it.

Organizing your home office space - Starts with:

This is an order I recommend loosely, go through your physical papers first, then work your way through the digital papers and end up with nicely named, organized files as well as a budget to keep track of the finances in your life. 

Note: I have on other pages like: organize in 3 simple steps stated that organizing your finances are a really important component to being organized so you could start with this and then work your way through paper based and electronic files. I am however, also realistic and know that for most people it is difficult to start with a budget, especially if you have piles of paper or a large amount of cluttered electronic files. 

When you want to get your home office and papers organized, follow your gut instincts on where you should start, only you know what works for you at this point in time and what your first priority is when getting organized.

Organizing your home office space – Why is this so important?

Running a household is not all that different from running a company. It requires; workers (your family), concentrated effort, direction (strategic intend), a suite of different departments like; a finance department and an admin section (not sure where the laundry department and clean services would sit in the business structure, but they should definitely be one there somewhere). Looking at it from this perspective running a house hold is a big job, especially if you have a family to take care of. Yet a lot of us don’t have home offices to run their family lives. 

If you are serious about getting organized, you will need to carve out a home office. 

It can take different shapes and sizes depending on our home and your needs, but having some form of an office space is such an important thing. Imagine running a business without a place to do admin or finance related tasks. It most likely won’t last long, not to mention that working there must be confusing and disorganized in a best case scenario.

Organizing your home office space -
Let’s start with the basics

Get a reasonable sized desk which allows for a computer, keyboard and a space for paperwork as well as some elbow room to work on your projects. When you are setting this up, you are at a great stage to double check your ergonomics set up as well. Lift you screen to your line of sight and get a comfy adjustable seat, (potentially a wireless mouse and keyboard) all so you can be safe and comfortable when doing your work.

Having a very small home office, not enough storage or an uncomfortable seat means that you will most likely not use this space much or abandon your dream of having an organized home office space. Invest now in a good set up and you will reap the rewards in time and money before you know it.

Once you have been organizing your home office space it is time for thinking about; organizing your paperwork, your home filling system and personal information.

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