Organizing your garage

Organizing your garage is not for the faint-hearted. On the previous page I went through the starting points on "How to Organize your garage". On this page we will expand a little more on how to store things, how to maintain items and why organizing your garage can be so overwhelming. Inline with the last sentiment we make sure that we are not letting perfectionism stop you from even starting.

Organizing your garage - 
How to store items

Since setting up our garage we fine-tuned a few things over time.

  • The first thing is storing items in a place that suits the frequency of use. For example, we have the roof pod for the car up high. When we need it we will spend the time and effort to get it deliberately.

  • The second thing is that our placement of items depending on season. As in the example of the roof pod, up high is also where we keep our ski’s and ski gear we do this until it is ski season. At this time, we will transfer some of winter content a bit lower and move the body boards and wet water gear up high as we won’t use them for a couple of months.

How to maintain your garage

If you go through all the trouble of organizing your garage you want to keep it neat and tidy. This can be hard as it is a very quick moving space if you have an active family life (at least that is the case for us). In the video below I show you how I maintain the garage and put things back on their spots. 

Why can organizing your garage be so overwhelming?

Organizing your garage can be overwhelming because it is a large space, there are many, many items in it and they all require a decision to be made. If you are just staring out I encourage you to look at my earlier page; How to organize the Garage first.

Don’t let perfectionism stop you

The fact that you are working on organizing your garage means you are miles ahead of people who leave it for years and never move one of their boxes from when they moved in (five years ago). 

In the video you can see that our garage isn’t perfect. It is far from perfect, some of the boxes are overflowing because at the time of filming we were in transition weather so it could still be fairly cold. Some of the items are clutter to me but are important to my family.

The main thing is the items in the garage are valued and appreciated by someone in our house and we know where things are.

So I like to think of this as realistic organizing, which suits our family and lifestyle. It does not always looks like a magazine, but as long as it functions organizing your garage is worthwhile and will pay dividends. 

I like to think of this as realistic organizing

Reflection on organizing the garage -
the many tasks that need to be completed

Another thing that I noticed when going through this process, is there's a lot of to -do's after this so I will have to drop things off to people, I'll have to drop things off to a secondhand place etc.

One of the big items that you saw on the video was the dryer.  This is now a task, we either have to fix that or we have to dispose of it. So even though it was really fast in terms of making it look organized, there are still a number of jobs to do and that is probably one of the reasons why we don't want to do certain areas like a garage or a junk room.

We subconsciously know that we'll leave that area with more jobs to do. But that's fine, you simply schedule them in for next time (do be specific about when) and work your way through it. You keep on keeping on and will complete this project. Every session you do spend time on either organising, decluttering or maintaining the garage, you will find that the garage looks a lot better. 

In my video example above, I'm really happy with what I've achieved - I hope this inspired you to get started on your garage in your journey towards organised living.


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