12 Organizing tips for Christmas

Tips 1-4

In the spirit of Christmas I will give you the 12 Organizing tips for Christmas – may this be a time off less stress, less effort and with expenses that you’ve expected.

For most of us, December is a busy month, Christmas is a big event irrespective how you celebrate. Even if you are trying to avoid or ignore it, it still comes with busyness and expenses unheard of other times of the year.

I hope that with these 12 Organizing tips for Christmas, you feel more organized and can enjoy this time a year just that little bit more.

Let's get started........

1. Make a list and check it twice

Let’s start with something really nice the list of presents we will give our loved ones.

I have created a simple excel file containing number, name, present and cost associated with the present.

Personally I like to buy one main thing and several smaller presents. I also have some back up presents (normally lovely boxes of chocolate – bought when they were on discount ;-o) for those occasions when someone gives you a gift and you really didn’t expect it.

You can download the excel sheet here, use the arrow button to check if you are buying too much for one person.

Note: Use the sum button to check the total amount for all presents or for one particular person.

2. Follow a budget

Us organizing folks do have Christmas stresses and expenses just like anyone else, it is the way we deal with it that is different. I have written an extensive article about budgeting via YNAB (You Need a Budget), a software which I absolutely love. Don’t wait till January to find out you have overspent, know it early and have the space to make some creative tweaks to your budget or take the extra shift at work.

The suggested time frame for tip 1 & 2 (in an ideal world) is around 6 weeks before Christmas.

3. Christmas cards

Although normal postage cards have gone somewhat out of fashion, a lot of us still sent handwritten Christmas cards. If we want to do this very organized, we firstly, need to ask ourselves how many cards we want to send out and where to. In my case every year we have cards without postage, standard (domestic) postage and international postage for my friends and family overseas. Once we made a quick tally of the cards we need, we can check if we still have some Christmas cards for last year (believe me, people will not remember if you sent a similar one last year) and if we need to buy new ones. We then also need to double check the stamps we require for our postage endeavors.

4. Write your cards and send them off

Once we got all those cards, let’s get ourselves comfortable and write the things. It can be short and to the point or you might want to write a nice story of the year that has been.

Address the cards (something I dislike so I either print the addresses or work on them in batches) and to complete this cycle we need to put them in the letter box. Pick a time and day to do this, otherwise you carry them with you for days or weeks, you’d done all this work and the last thing you want is forget to post them.

Congratulate yourself on doing your Christmas cards; early, well and systematic
~ How organized are you? ~

Overall Organizing Note: 

Our topic in this article is Organizing tips for Christmas, a small clear focus in the overall scheme of organizing advice. If you look closely you can see some of the pitfalls of well (my) meaningful tips and advice. The Christmas cards are presented as two organizing tips for Christmas (tip 3 and 4) but are actually; nine separate jobs we need to be aware of, as well as need to allocate time and resources to.

Here are the Organizing tips for Christmas cards (tips 3 &4) broken down in steps:

  1. Make lists - Who to send Christmas cards to 
  2. Check our older Christmas cards
  3. Buy new ones Christmas cards
  4. Check if you need stamps?
  5. Buy stamps
  6. Write cards
  7. Address cards
  8. Put stamp on them
  9. Put in letter box

Best time to do work on your cards is around 5 weeks before Christmas

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