Organize your wallet

How do you organize your wallet? About a year ago I bought a wallet, an expensive leather one with money I got from my family. Last week I changed back again to a $17,- dollar business card holder. Why? Because to me that is the best way to organize my wallet. I don’t know about you, but I have so many cards, vouchers etc. I need something very practical which shows me in an instant, which cards I have. 

How to organize your wallet?

This is how it is done:

Get a business card holder, I personally like the DL sized ones they are flat and about the size of many other women’s purses. This time around I even got one which can close which is lovely. I then took about 10 minutes to cut the ends of the sides of the pouches this allows for easy access to your cards and ease in putting your cards back.

I had this system before and I place my most frequently used cards at the front of the business card holder, these are my bank cards, driver’s license (– which comes in a card form here in Australia), travel cards, health cards etc.

I also have the grocery fuel vouchers at the front of my wallet this triggers my memory when I am paying for fuel and gives me a home for these awkward pieces of paper. 

I don’t keep many receipts but if I do have some, it means I need to action them. They are placed at the front of the wallet until I scanned them with my phone (for warranty, business and accounting purposes) or I entered the amount in my personal budgeting system. I try and do this asap so as to not have a backlog of little receipts in my wallet. This is an easy technique and once you are used to it, you won’t give it a second thought but this alone can save you hours sorting through receipts when you are organizing your paperwork.

Once this front section was set up I then move to all my coffee cards so I can easily find them around about the mid-point of my wallet / business card holder.

I place some store cards at the back those I can’t make digital and I always have some stamps with me (nationally and internationally – it comes in handy).

Organize your wallet –
what about cash?

I do carry some cash, but am one of the people who is keen for the cashless society to really take hold. There is a separate little pouch which holds some coins, paper notes I can either place in the pouch or put at the front of my wallet.

Organize your wallet – digitize

As long as we have our phones with us, we tend to be fine as this pretty much stores most of our information. Rather than philosophize or reject this idea, let’s simply embrace it and use the phone to organize our lives.

The same goes if you want to organize your wallet, use an app like stocard to scan your loyalty cards onto your phone and dispose of the actual card. For most people the stocard app can easily reduce your wallet by 10-15 cards.

The other app I use frequently is rewardle, this gives me my coffee points at around half the places I frequent (the others are still via paper based method which means they are in middle of the wallet).

I clearly still use my bank cards but also have my banks app on my phone which means that really I can get cash out and even pay all via my phone.

So there you have it ,some techniques on how to set up your wallet.

Beware that once you get out and about with a neatly organised wallet and all your cards on order you will get a responds when you are in the shops; “wow’ you are organized!”

I smile, “yes I am, it kinda comes with my job” .  


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