Organize your clothes hangers

To organize your clothes hangers in the whole scheme of things seems pretty minor but it can make a very positive difference to your wardrobe, your bedroom and to your sense of organization. 

I remember years ago I had the feeling that once I had a wardrobe with all the same wooden hangers, I would have “made it”. 

Little did I know I could get this done for less than $50,- and one afternoon of work. Till this day looking in my wardrobe and seeing all the same hangers makes me smile.

When you organize your clothes hangers
- use the same ones

When you organize your clothes hangers, I suggest you throw out (or give away) all your old hangers and buy a nice set of new hangers which you can easily find again, buy hangers from a shop close to where you live. They don’t even need to be that expensive, the main thing is that they are easy to find in a shop near you as you are going through this process you might need to go to the shop twice to make sure you have sufficient hangers.

It is similar to containers in that regards we need many more than what we originally think.

Type of hangers 

Before you act and organize your clothes hangers, have a think about what hangers you like to use. I personally like the wood ones but other people like felt covered ones, strong metal ones or specific coloured ones. It doesn’t matter as long as the hanger you choose is strong, doesn’t damage your clothes and they are all the same. I admit it is a bit vain but having the same hangers makes the wardrobe looks instantly more organized it somehow helps your brain relax a bit more when looking through your wardrobe.

Organize clothes hangers for others

What if your partner or kids don’t like the hangers you chose. I would simply let them pick their own. My partner has different hangers from mine and it is clear in the cupboard, his clothes are different as well, so that makes sense. On the other hand the kids clothes are lighter so currently they have plastic hangers that do the job for them (but would break under the weight of adult clothes). As with anything in life, change, adapt and adjust when needed and make sure the organizing solutions work for the people who use it most.

To fold or to hang

There is currently a movement in terms of folding clothes only (I suspect the KonMari method has something to do with it ). Yet when you look at most build in wardrobes you only find hanging rods in some. So my opinion on the folding or hanging debate is; it depends. T-shirts, some skirts, bra’s and undies lend themselves well to being folded but beautiful shirts, pretty skirts and blouses don’t. In most wardrobes, you will be able to create a combination of folding and hanging items, just be very clear in your mind what the difference is and why you decide to hang some items and not others. 

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