Organize Christmas gifts

Our find Christmas tips (10-12), I called this page; how to organize Christmas gifts do note that gifts can come in many forms, shapes and sizes. At this stage, we can see Christmas on the horizon, as in; it is a few days away let’s wrap up with our last tips for Christmas and look at this holistically. 

10. Organize Christmas gifts - Get your last presents and wrap

It is nice to see the pile of presents grow under the tree. If you have been buying gifts a few at a time as I suggested, you did on the earlier pages (Organizing Tips for Christmas, Christmas Organizing and How to organize your Christmas) you can see the volume under the tree grow. You would have given yourself enough time to wrap and really enjoy the experience. At this stage, continue your wrapping, make sure you write the names on all gifts (very embarrassing for Santa if on Christmas day, it is unclear who the present is for). Make sure you check off all the gifts on the list you created earlier.

11. Get your Groceries and sort out meal times

I remember like it was yesterday; a young newly migrated girl, decided she needed something from the supermarket (it was something specific, you couldn’t get it from the local corner store and clearly this was before I was organised or had responsibilities). The thing is, it was the day before Christmas. Once I arrived in the supermarket, it was like a scene from a movie; one where the world is coming to an end. People having trolleys full of food, toilet paper, tissue etc. there was no Christmas spirit whatsoever, it was a frantic stressful experience. 

Now maybe, I have romanticized my childhood Christmas’s in Europe, but I can’t remember people doing that. Clearly you might need a handful of things closer to Christmas day, but try and get 95% of items well before. See this as a way to organize Christmas gifts to yourself, you will be reducing stress, anxiety and just an awful shopping experience the day before. 

Note: If you have to go to get groceries (or are reading this very close to Christmas) be very strategic go early morning and late at night.

A lot of this grocery business ties in with your meal plan in step 8, you need to be clear on what you are making. If you can make it ahead of time do this and double check you got all ingredients before you start.

12. Organize Christmas gifts - Meaning and relaxation for you

Find your meaning and what makes you feel content, make sure you do lots of it. This might be the priceless gift you give yourself for Christmas.

I’ll be honest, the older I get the more I move to bah humbug, so I need to really work on this last tip to an organized Christmas. At one of the events I attended pre-Christmas, the lady who was presenting encouraged us to do some mindfulness and get in touch with ourselves and our meaning surrounding Christmas. This is a great thought; to check in with yourself, to pause and ask what is nice for you to do during these days? Whilst you do all you need to do; organize Christmas gifts, prep the food, decorate, write cards etc. Make sure you do something that is enjoyable for you. 

Leading up to Christmas I enjoy this time of year more if I take it slow and do one thing at time.

Once I started doing this it was nice to see the pile under the tree grow, when you organize Christmas gifts systematically and wrap them in these short sessions. It is a visual reminder of all your organizing efforts slowly accumulating. Which is key for any organizing project, you start small but before you know it the effort becomes substantial.

During Christmas, I actually like to work through these days (on the computer) a bit - it is quiet, I can focus and it’s what I enjoy. Another nice thing might be on boxing day to go for a walk, duck down to a coffee place that is open, read a book, watch a movie or do some journaling. This time of year, is meant to be a time to relax, enjoy and regroup. 

In summary to all our 12 tips, organize yourself a little at a time, find your meaning and what makes you feel content and do lots of contentment inducing activities* for yourself. I am sure you worked hard all year, take some well-deserved me time. This counts especially for those who have family and friends over, make sure you recharge in the mornings or evenings, this might be the priceless gift you give yourself for Christmas. 

*note that I use the wording; “contentment inducing activities” rather than happiness. I think wanting, searching and needing happiness (a fleeting emotion at best) is recipe for not feeling to great over the Christmas break.

The same counts for perfection; if for whatever reason things aren’t perfect…….ask yourself how many of your “normal” days during the year are? (Perfect that is) shake it off and do something you like just for you. The thing about Christmas is it will come around again, you can do all these tips again and better next year.

Have a good one!


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