Recently I studied a lot, I studied how to become a minimalist and how this ties in with decluttering and organizing. You see as I have been organizing and decluttering for years, I know more stuff doesn’t make you happy, I know having less stuff would save time. 

Also as a professional Organiser, I spend a good deal of time far away from minimalism and in the deep dark trenches of materialism. On this side I feel like most other people the overwhelm, the time and effort it takes to work through the layers of stuff that potentially shouldn’t have entered the house in the first place or should have been discarded years ago.

What did I find in my research on becoming a minimalist?

It actually started with Sugar Mamma – aka Cana Campbell, a YouTuber I love. Cana focusses on money, lifestyle and minimalism as well as quality items (yes!!!). Her work inspired my work on the capsule wardrobe as an extension on Decluttering your wardrobe and organizing your wardrobe. This whole capsule wardrobe however let me to question when enough is enough? When do we have enough clothes? Because if we don’t call it quits at a certain point and you keep on going out buying quality pieces you have to be mindful not to get back to where you started. It is actually easier to buy than it is to cull and to get to a point in which you can say this is enough. 

This let me to research “enough” seeing lots of people talk about wanting more, however there is little information on “enough” out there. Then however, I found Matt D’Avella another amazing YouTuber who clearly talks about minimalism as does Michelle B another wonderful Aussie YouTuber. These last two YouTubers I love as they are both introverts (like me) and minimalists (something I am considering) with amazing channels full of simple inspiration. As soon as you dig into Matt D’Avella’s work you find out two things, he loves the Rock (I have a not so secret crush on the Rock for years – although in Matt’s case it must be “brotherly inspiration”) the other thing is he is a film maker and made the movie the Minimalists. His work is amazing so I wanted to not only see the movie for the topic but also to enjoy his amazing ability to film and place sequences of film together (I am hoping to get there by the time I am 60 ). 

The Movie the Minimalists

The movie directed by Matt D’ Avella follows the Minimalists two guys from the US called Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, they have been practising minimalism for many years now. The movie tells their stories, their journey through the process, their book tour and it answers some big questions about minimalism in a semi documentary style film. Of course, I then went to get their book– “Minimalism” which was easy to find in my local bookshop. (How in line with minimalism isn’t it? Going to the shops and buying a book, I will however donate the book as soon as I am done as is my practise for 99% of my books). Whilst I was also listening to their other book “Everything that remains” on my Iphone and in the meantime I watched a number of videos on minimalism. 

The study into minimalism was enlightening and I have learned a lot - Read my next page on what I learned about Minimalism.

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