How to clean your bathroom

Learning how to clean your bathroom, if you are new to organizing, cleaning and decluttering is a great idea as it tends to be a small confined place that we visit frequently. Which once organized can help us in the psychological reinforcement that we can organize and declutter. The bathroom is one of the easiest rooms to clean as it is designed for this and it is perfectly okay if it gets wet (unlike for example your nice wooden furniture). Lastly it is a great place to keep up and practise your maintenance as maintaining the bathroom tends to be quick and easy as well.

How to clean your bathroom –
tools you’ll need

In line with the cleaning article, I suggest you:

  • Remove dirt – this could include vacuuming if the area is dry
  • Scrub away the dirt in the cubicle or the bath tub, with some product, warm water and a specific cleaning rag (as explained here). Especially in the bathroom using a cream cleanser like Cif is very useful (Cif is most well-known, I have several years ago opted for the environmentally friendly cream cleanser who works just as well). If need be use several cleaning cloths, I like to scrub with the Terry Toweling and wipe down with a microfiber cloth. When doing the sink or glass screen door the Flylady cloths are the way to go as they make your space shine.
  • Work from top to bottom, let gravity do the work for you and you just pick up, remove dirt and make things sparkle. 
  • Do the floor last
  • Pick up your cleaning clothes and put them in the wash

How to clean your bathroom –
double check

When you are there;

  • Check on your soap bottles are they empty, do they need replacing?
  • Throw the normal towels in the wash and put some new clean ones ready
  • Clean the toilet as well and check if you got enough paper on hand
  • If there is some clutter like empty wrapping, clothes etc. take this out of the bathroom
  • Make sure your bathroom feels comfortable once you are done

How to clean your bathroom –
think a little differently

  • Don’t make this a massive to do thing keep it simple, my rule is if it looks cleaner than when you started you have achieved cleaning the bathroom.

  • In a lot of older bathrooms, it is impossible to make things perfect as there are scratches, sealant, mould or tile issues. Simply do the best you can. Even though the bathroom is old it can still be clean. 

  • Incorporate your exercise whilst cleaning the bathroom. This ties in with habits and routines, I normally clean the bathroom fortnightly on Saturday or Sunday morning. This is actually part of my exercise regime as it is physically demanding work. 

I do most of my deeper cleaning on one of these mornings which means I work up a sweat, the last room I do is the bathroom which allows me to finish with a shower in a clean space. The tub is wiped down after, it is still morning and I feel great on a number of levels as

I did both my exercise and miraculously the house is clean as well. 

How to clean your bathroom –
some final tips and tricks

Have soap you don’t like? Use it to clean both the bath tub, shower screen and toilet. You’re not wasting it and these areas get cleaned.

After your wipe down light a candle it transforms the atmosphere into one of luxury rather than a dread task.

Work cleaning the bathroom and the toilet in some form of regular schedule. It doesn’t need to be perfect but cleaning these spaces regularly is so much better than needing to scrub with a high-pressure hose once or twice a year. It also makes you feel better each step of the way (your daily shower is more enjoyable and the cleaning is less demanding).


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