How to organize your garage

On this page you will learn how to organize your garage. I find the garage one of the harder things to actually organize and it took me quite a while to have a good system set-up. We actually set up a system last year and in the video later on this page, I am updating and maintaining our garage.

However, let’s start at the beginning with a couple of steps that will help you to organize your garage.

Invest in good quality storage solutions

The garage is one of these places you need to invest to utilise the space to its full potential. This means get some shelving from a hardware store (these tend to be indestructible, pricey but once you have invested you are set). We bought wire rack shelving from Bunnings (Australian Hardware store) which has been amazing. It took us two weekends to purchase, take home, set up the shelving but it is adjustable, it hasn’t dated or worn and is super durable.

Note: you will not see me place wire shelving anywhere in my house (yuck) but for the garage, it works as you have big bulky items that you need easy quick assess to. You also want to prevent or minimise the chances of mould etc. growing on your cupboards/shelving in your garage.

Image source: Bunnings

How to organize your garage –
what do you own?

Have a look at what items you own and group these items together. 

For us:

  • We initially had “stuff from moving in together” this pile became gradually smaller.
  • We had garden “stuff” all of a sudden I had a garden to maintain which required a "whipper snipper" (aka cordless line trimmers), a lawn mower and a leave blower. These all got placed on one side of the garage.
  • On the same side we kept the camping gear as, like the garden items, we don’t use it that frequently but do need to keep it on hand. 
  • Lastly, we created a space for the tools in the house with a little workbench.

How to Organize your garage –
what do you do?

Inline, with thinking about what do we own?
We also had to think about what we do as a family. 

  • We have kids that are of an age that sports, art and experiments are important, so we need to make space for this.
  • My partner also has lived a wonderfully exciting life prior to meeting me in which he obtained “stuff” aka gold clubs, skis etc.

So as an answer to the question; How to Organize your garage? We focused on what we do and the other side of the garage has been dedicated to what we as a family do.

So you can see spots for:

  • The golf clubs.
  • Some boxes with a lot of arty stuff. So the kids can make slime, candles, crystals and I'm all weird and wonderful things. Keeping this contained in the garage means they can work on their projects or store their items in the garage so we don't have a mess in the house. 
  • Outdoor toys (skates, skateboards, hula hoops).
  • We are a swimming, water sport family and I have several boxes of everything to do with swimming. These items tend to be big and bulky as we have wet suits, jackets for cold days, big towels, water shoes, hats etc. All water boxes are blue for water and I have labelled them for clarity.
  • A final group of items was school items this is a spot where the kids can place their backpacks, library bag, school money etc.

How to Organize your Garage -
Colour coordinate

As an organizer, I don’t use a lot of colour coordination and a lot of labeling (I find this just a lot of work and hard to keep this organizing system up). However, in the case of a family garage, I found colour coordinating great. We opted for large storage boxes (really sturdy ones that are hard to break and easy to clean) in a variety of colours indicating a different group of items.

For us this is:

  • Red for outdoor gear
  • Blue for swimming and other water sports
  • Yellow for school bags (each kid one container)
  • Green for gardening
  • Black for overall cleaning, cords/bulky storage.

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Make sure you check out the next page in which we organize the garage for the long term and dive a bit deeper into why organizing a garage is initially hard work (both physical and emotional).

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