How to Organize your Christmas
Tips 7 - 9

We are learning how to organize your Christmas, making great progress whilst preparing for the day. Let’s keep going, one simple step at a time enjoying the process and trying not to get to rattled by the busyness this month. 

With around 2-3 weeks to go before Christmas let’s start to think about our presents, the menu and decorating our place. If you haven’t seen the other tips you can start reading through our 12 organizing tips for Christmas here.

7. How to organize your Christmas -
Get your first presents

You’ll probably have to hit the shops a couple of times before you got all the presents you need. Simply start with the first few presents, remember we made a list of gifts a little while back. I think one of the secrets to how to organize your Christmas is buffering your shopping over a couple of days. This hopefully means you don’t feel rushed, you enjoy the experience a bit more. Make sure you break for a cuppa or something to eat. As it is getting closer to Christmas we want to be clear on what we want and need, but also take some time out to relax to not let the busyness get to you.

8. How to organize your Christmas -
Think about the menu

Start thinking about your Christmas menu what will you cook? Will it be simple enough or are you putting a lot of pressure on yourself?

This is a good time to test a recipe before there is time pressure closer to Christmas. It is also a good time to check your ingredients, what can you buy beforehand? What needs to be bought very close to the day. I don’t know about you but grocery shopping very close to Christmas is not one of my favorite things to do, were possible I avoid going to the shops by being prepared just that little bit earlier.

9. How to organize your Christmas -
Decorate the house

Some of you might have started but this is a good time to decorate the house if you haven’t already. In the Netherlands where I am originally from we tend to start getting trees around two weeks out from Christmas. The reason being, is that most people have fresh trees (which only last three weeks) and we have another national festival earlier in December (Sinterklaas). 

As the time for decorations is limited, it is somehow that bit sweeter. The house is lovely decorated for just a few weeks and because it is only for a short time, you appreciate it that bit more. (Or maybe I am a sentimental European at heart ;-)

If your house if full of clutter and it is December

If you house is full of clutter at this stage, I recommend you only do one of two things;

  1. Simply ignore and keep going
  2. Pile similar things together (put it in boxes if you have to) so you can deal with it once the Christmas hype is over.

These are probably different tips than what you expect but there is enough pressure for most people to do the Christmas thing, the socializing, buying presents etc. Trying to have your house organized before Christmas whilst we are already in December is a recipe for stress and burnout – don’t do it!

As soon as Christmas is over, we have several weeks of getting our bearings and dealing with our house in the final week of the year and the first few weeks of the new year. This is time in which you will be much better to actually organize and declutter, as the external pressure form family, friends, work and society is easing off a bit.

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