How to organize the pantry-
Part 2

We started to show you how to organize the pantry (on our previous page and in our previous video - organizing your pantry) after a bit of a break we are back to complete the job.

The “break time” between organizing sessions can be very valuable. It can highlight what organizing tools you need, if your new system is working on needs to be tweaked and it gives you a breather so you are tackling the next stage with energy and optimism.

How to organize the Pantry – What do you want and need from this place?

We spend some significant time thinking about what we wanted and needed from this place. It had to be easy to find things, snacks for the teenager needed to on hand, breakfast options clear and easy. It was also good to see how much tea and coffee was in the house – reinforcing that for the next year tea will not need to be bought .

Journal summary of the second session – How to organize the pantry

I originally thought we'll do this job in one week, when this didn’t work we booked in for one week later but people were all tired and we realised we actually had to get more containers. We tried again two weeks later, we actually got quite a bit done. Two weeks later we used a lot of these new containers to put food in and to make it all a bit clearer and organized, similar to the things that we did the first time we were in this pantry. Now several weeks later, hopefully we got everything to finish the job off. 

So what I'm going to focus on is putting things in this similar containers as I've got heaps of them here. I do this to make it all look calm and organized. We're also going to focus on the bottom and the top of the pantry because those areas look a bit messy, and there are categories that we don't know exactly what they are yet. But I'm excited.  I've got all my containers. I am ready to go and tackle the pantry again. Come and join me!

Debrief from how to organize the pantry

Okay, so I am very exciting! We have finished the pantry. This was a big job but the result is amazing! A few things that I'll want to point out. 

You saw me in this second part of how to organize your pantry- starting underneath. Normally I always recommend starting from the top and working your way through the bottom because dust travels down. But in this case underneath it looked really intense so I started with the biggest thing first and basically got that momentum and things moving which helped a lot (psychological and physically). 

After doing the bottom, the top was basically pretty straightforward, once I took everything from underneath out, I started (as I did in our first session) to group things together.

I basically took a lot of containers that we had as temporary placeholders and I changed them with see-through containers because it just makes the place look and feel much more organized. Especially for an areas like the pantry, you want to see exactly what you're after so see through stack-able containers are the way to go. 

Take note the great organizing trick to double your space. You can see in the bottom of the pantry that I actually put a little bit of furniture in to utilize this space more. 

Lastly, we put things back in an organized fashion.

How to organize the pantry – let’s review the organized pantry

The top section is now all for party things for example; party bags, candles and glasses. Now as we make our way down my friend has a lot of tea. So she does not need to buy any tea for a while. In one corner we put a few lollies partly hidden so we don’t eating more of them. We have eye height a lot of snacks as well as frequently used cooking things like; pastas, flour etc. I created a space with additional items that haven't been opened yet. So when groceries come in, they can go into that corner here and sort things quickly and easily.

The overall aim is that everything has a grouping of “like items” and it's really easy to find everything. If we needed to, we labelled with the original label off the packaging (a nice easy and quick way to label) but with a lot of things you don't have to label because you can actually see what's in there. 

It has been a big job but I am happy with it. I hope you are inspired by the results. I found it was definitely worth doing.

Good luck with doing your own pantry, let me know how you went.


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