Getting organized in the school holidays

Getting organized in the school holidays isn’t something that used to come naturally to me but with both my munchkins several years into primary school, I have now got a few tricks up my sleeve.

Expectation management - whilst getting organized in the school holidays

I suggest you take it easy in terms of your expectations of yourself. Let’s rid ourselves of the illusion that you have-to-have a great time every minute in the school holidays and that your children need to be entertained every minute of the break. 

Getting organized in the school holidays means – clear that wardrobe!

A few years into the routine holiday routines, I realized, that working on the kid’s wardrobe meant I was really getting organized in the school holidays and weeks beyond this time. It is simply a great time to utilize, so it maintains the kid’s wardrobes throughout the year. This especially holds in the holidays which mark the stronger changes in season. 

When clearing the wardrobe, I utilize one or two days in the break to go with each child through their clothes. What still fits, what doesn’t? What haven’t they worn? What were clothes that were mistakenly purchased and are now clutter? 

Whilst we go through the clothes, I get several bags; 

  • one is for clothes that need to be binned 
  • the majority is often for a second-hand shop 
  • sometimes I even have a bag for the school, which allows us to pass on some of the (expensive) school uniforms onto younger children in the school. 

Normally I do the above in one day or afternoon. If clothes are needed the process is done in two days. With the second day being a shopping day. During our first day; the declutter day, we now decide which clothes need to be bought for the next couple of months both for school and private use. The second day we shop according to our organized clothes list. I like to make it an outing with a stop for something to eat and drink. Once home we take all the tags off, normally wash the clothes and place them in the kid’s wardrobe. Voila, two days of activities and this investment of time can save you many rushed trips to the shops once the school term is in full swing. 

Getting organized in the school holidays – a balance between doing and not doing

It pays to pre-plan some activists before the holidays. For starters this could be a few days away, we have done some skiing or camping. It can also be a couple of days with fun activities, we have done mini golf, bowling, going to the park, seeing a show or going to a theme park as a nice day outing. It is easier if you can budget for this beforehand and it breaks up being at home all the time. 

The other things which tend to work well is to book a play date with their friends from school. Besides these active days, I also strongly encourage to have rest days. I have many fond memories of my (super organized Dutch) mother planning holidays. When I was small we traveled extensively but it was broken up in a rotating roster of an active day and one rest day in which we could sleep in, be lazy, eat whenever and simply hang. I think it is good for kids to have this empty space in their lives to allow their minds to wonder, take the accelerator off and simply relax.

Share the love

When getting organized in the school holidays, share the love of your adorable children with your partner, the kid’s grandparents, aunties and other friends. You don’t have to spend every minute with them, having time with a variety of adults means the kids get a different perspective and activities in their holiday break. It also gives the primary carers a break (win-win all around).

Getting organized in the school holidays -No guilt for mum or dad

Fact is we often can’t take the whole school holidays off from work or if we do and we are at home with our kids we feel guilty when doing something for ourselves. I suffer from what I recently coined a strong case of “school holiday overwhelm” which to me now is an alarm bell that I am trying to do too much either with the kids, with work or with a combination of both. Being aware of “school holiday overwhelm” means that I now approach it a bit more realistic every time a school holiday comes around. It also stops the guilt after all we all do our best and if we either need to work or need some time for ourselves it shows we are human with a normal life and normal needs / demands on our time.

So here you have it in a nutshell getting organized in the holidays to me means; a great opportunity to get the clothes decluttered and organized, a chance to do some fun activities,  have some rest days and a strong reminder that we aren’t super human.

Let’s just accept that this time of year is messier than other times and enjoy the break! It is all part of the journey towards organized living.

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