Frequently Asked Questions - 

For Face-to-Face Organising Services

Here are our frequently asked questions relating to our face-to-face services.

These are our mostly FAQ’s we however would love the opportunity to have a chat (or some further email correspondence) with you and discuss your unique situation and needs. If you haven’t already drop us a line and we will be in touch with you shortly.

Where do you work?

We work on our client’s premises this is often a home or a business premise.

Geographical location

At the moment, we are covering the geographical locations of Wollongong and Sydney, however, our business is expanding rapidly and we are looking forward to covering more locations in the near future. 

How do you work?

We generally work in blocks of 4 hours – mostly from 9-1 pm and 2-6 pm 

The reason we do this is to prevent our clients from getting “organising burn out”.

Organising is about making decisions which is taxing, we want you to make progress and feel great after each session – slow and steady win’s the race.

Which days do you work?

We work over 7 days a week trying to fit in with our customer needs.

What do you organise?

We can organise and declutter any space in your house from the garage to the bathroom, clutter room and linen cupboard. We also have extensive experience in organising paperwork for people at home, small to medium business. 

Do you refer on?

Yes, we do, we pride ourselves with our links to other services this could be; cleaners, removalist, home stylist or fashion stylist, but also accountants and lawyers. The way we see it is we do a lot of the prep work which allows other services to take over and work in their field of expertise. What this could mean for you is that you can start to relax, you will now have a number of experts on your team that will help you on your journey towards organised living.

Will I get multiple people come to my house when using your service?

In most cases no, we do regular training with newer staff members in which case we ask your permission first. Decluttering and Organising needs your input, we work fast and efficient and one Professional Organiser tends to be enough. If need be we outsource or work with other organisations to discard the items you no longer need, we will do so or advise you to follow up with other organisations.

Can you take some of the items I don’t want anymore?

This is decided on a case by case basis by your Organiser. It depends on the items, the size of their car and how easy or difficult it is for them to the items drop off.  If not, everything is able to be taken away on the day. We can always inform you about the multiple options available to get some of your items out of your house.

How much does your service cost?

$374,- per 4 hour block including GST and Travel fees in Wollongong

$397,- per 4 hour block including GST and Travel fees in Sydney 

Who will come to help me with organising?

You will get a one-on-one organising experience with either Sabine (the business owner) or one of our highly trained staff. We are experts in the field of organising and decluttering.
What this means is that something that would take you weeks, we can tackle with you making significant improvements within hours.  

How many sessions will I need?

This depends on how much volume (items) there is to go through and how fast we can work with you. We normally see amazing results within 1-4 sessions.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, we do, we are set up as a company and cover all our employees with the insurances required.

Do your staff get checked / trained?

Our staff gets trained on multiple levels, they work according to the principles and extensive training requirements as set by The Essence of Clarity. Our staff get police checked and have their first aid prior to going on a job unsupervised.

Can you do the work without me?

In most cases we work with you one-on-one, as you are the one making the decisions, we guide, facilitate and help you. In some cases, people simply want us to “deal with it” we can do this, but will need a signed waiver prior to commencing.

More questions....

If you have any other questions and are reading this after contacting us we will address your questions when we get in touch with you.

If you haven’t been in touch yet – please reach out to us. 

We love organising and helping people get on their way to Organised living.

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