Declutter Your Handbag

If you carry a bag with you, you will need to declutter your handbag from time to time. On this page, I just wanted to show you a quick video with some tips and tricks on how to declutter your handbag it helps to feel organized throughout the week and it's so simple. 

Declutter your bag as soon as you walk in the door

I suggest that when you get home, you unpack your bag straight away. When we are out and about, it's so easy to take clutter and junk inside the house in a matter of days without realising it. 

Declutter your handbag in more detail at least once a week

In the video, I’m showing you my bag which I actually bought yesterday so in theory there shouldn't be anything in there. But I'm very surprised how quickly it builds up and suggest to declutter your handbag at least once or twice a week I would say and maybe have a core bag or things that you need to take all the time. It's also super important to clear things when you come back from workshops or conferences. Everyone means really well and they give you all these items, pieces of paper, and things like that. But really, they end up being clutter often the minute they get into your house. 

Create clear access to what is in your handbag

So I recently bought two new bags! And I’m quite excited about that! The idea is that I will have some inner liners / or smaller bags in the handbag to make sure that all the key things that I need are always with me and it will be easy when I change bags. 

I will always have folders with me as they help me think and indicate a particular topic or focus in my professional life. If I have loose notes or receipts of things, I’ll review them and if possible bin them because their life cycle is short (make note, update the budget and we can dispose of the piece of paper). 

Important things in my back are:

  • My glasses if I want to be able to see the work I am doing so I need a spare set of them. 
  • Keys are an important item in a bag but once you arrive home the keys should be going to a specified key compartment (a place where the keys can “live” when you are at home). 
  • My laptop when working
  • My wallet, the wallet itself can become cluttered so if I've got receipts, I try every night to do my online banking/budget because it freaks me out if I don't know what I spend and how is in my accounts. For receipts like keys, I have a spot in the house, so I am going to take them to my desk. 

Repacking your bag after you've decluttered

Once you completed the decluttering process of your handbag, decide if you will use the same bag tomorrow if everything comes out overnight (at a predetermined spot) or you transfer your content to another bag. 

In the video, I am using the same bag tomorrow. When putting items bag I suggest you always have the same spot for your key items, for me this is my folders and laptop at the back. My wallet, keys, access cards in the sections (or pouch before). 

Once you have got a system going you can declutter your handbag in less than 5 minutes and get that lovely feeling of being organized for tomorrow. You’ll be looking fabulous and fashionable, having everything you need at your fingertips.  

I hope this information on how to declutter your handbag was useful, good luck decluttering your bag and let me know how you get more organised with your handbag. 


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